OPA2991-Q1 Automotive-Grade Dual Low-Power Op-Amp

Texas Instruments' 40 V general-purpose op-amp is ideal for high-voltage automotive applications

Image of Texas Instruments' OPA2991-Q1 Automotive Dual Low Power Op-AmpTexas Instruments' OPA2991-Q1 is a high-voltage (40 V) general-purpose op-amp that is designed for automotive applications. This device offers exceptional DC precision and AC performance including rail-to-rail input/output, low offset (±125 µV typical), low offset drift (±0.3 µV/°C typical), low noise (10.8 nV/√Hz and 1.8 µVPP), and 4.5 MHz bandwidth.

Unique features such as differential and common-mode input voltage range to the supply rail, high output current (±75 mA), high slew rate (21 V/µs), and high capacitive load drive (1 nF) make the OPA2991-Q1 a robust, high-performance op-amp for high-voltage automotive applications. The OPA2991-Q1 op-amp is available in standard packages (SOIC and VSSOP) and offers a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

  • AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications
    • Temperature Grade 1 TA: -40°C to +125°C
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level 2A
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C6
  • Low offset voltage: ±125 µV
  • Low offset voltage drift: ±0.3 µV/°C
  • Low noise: 10.8 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz
  • High common-mode rejection: 130 dB
  • Low bias current: ±10 pA
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Wide bandwidth: 4.5 MHz GBW
  • High slew rate: 21 V/µs
  • High capacitive load drive: 1 nF
  • Mux-friendly/comparator inputs
    • Amp operates with differential inputs up to supply rail
    • Amp can be used in open-loop or as a comparator
  • Low quiescent current: 560 µA per amp
  • Wide supply range: ±1.35 V to ±20 V, 2.7 V to 40 V
  • Robust EMIRR performance: EMI/RFI filters on the input and supply pins
  • Optimized for AEC-Q100 Grade 1
  • Infotainment and clusters
  • Passive safety
  • Body electronics and lighting
  • HEV/EV inverters and motor controls
  • Onboard (OBC) and wireless chargers
  • Powertrain current sensors
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • High-side current sensing

OPA2991-Q1 Automotive-Grade Dual Low-Power Op-Amp

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAmplifier TypeNumber of CircuitsOutput TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
AUTOMOTIVE2-CHANNEL, 40-V RAIL-TOPA2991QDGKRQ1AUTOMOTIVE2-CHANNEL, 40-V RAIL-TGeneral Purpose2Rail-to-Rail2335 - ImmediateView Details

Evaluation Board

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Published: 2021-10-19