Jupiter SE878K3-A Smart Antenna GNSS Module

Telit's Jupiter SE878K3-A smart antenna GNSS module features additional LNA and SAW filters and an embedded RF switch to support external antennas

Image of Telit's Jupiter SE878K3-A Smart Antenna ModuleTelit's Jupiter SE878K3-A GNSS antenna module is a complete multi-constellation GNSS receiver featuring a high sensitivity 17 mm x 17 mm patch antenna, SAW filter, additional LNA, Flash memory, GNSS core, RTC, and TCXO. The SE878K3-A uses Telit’s cavity-like PCB package with an optimized RF path supporting standard SMT mounting without constraining the host PCB, minimizing the antenna detuning.

The SE878K3-A supports GPS, QZSS and GLONASS, Beidou, and is Galileo ready. The SE878K3-A is capable of tracking GPS + GLONASS (or Beidou) and Galileo constellations simultaneously, providing the positioning data through standard UART and I2C.

The Jupiter SE878K3-A supports either autonomous or server-based A-GPS. The onboard A-GPS software engine is able to locally predict ephemeris up to three days in advance and store this data in the memory.

Easing the development process for designers with little or no RF experience, the SE878K3-A is compliant with regulatory and industry-standard specifications. The module supports the usage of an external antenna through an embedded RF switch. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as personal trackers and alarms in which the main antenna is the external one and the internal antenna is used as backup when the external is broken or compromised.

  • Standard variant with integrated 17 mm x 17 mm x 4 mm SMT antenna
  • Additional LNA and SAW filter
  • SMT mounting not requiring holes on host PCB
  • Supports ephemeris file injection (A-GPS)
  • Ready for Galileo
  • Satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) compliant
  • Embedded RF switch to support external antennas as well
  • Fleet management systems
  • GPS-assisted road tolling systems
  • GPS-based personal sports training monitors
  • Cellular base stations
  • In-car navigation systems
  • Automotive telematics systems

Jupiter SE878K3-A Smart Antenna Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SE878K3-A MODULE V13-2.3.2-N96SE878K3A232R001000SE878K3-A MODULE V13-2.3.2-N960View Details
Published: 2021-09-29