Kilovac CAP120 High-Voltage Contactors

TE Connectivity's contactors are compact and hermetically sealed for harsh environments

Image of TE Connectivity Kilovac CAP120 High-Voltage Contactors Designed for harsh environments and loads, the Kilovac CAP120 contactor from TE Connectivity (TE) offers exceptional performance for a device this small and light. As a reduced-size version of the popular MAP and CAP series contactors, the CAP120 contactor's small size and light weight opens up new application possibilities for a 150 A, 600 VDC device.

High break levels (1000 A at 400 VDC and 600 A at 600 VDC) help increase system flexibility and reliability.

CAP120 contactors provide reliable and long-lasting performance in military ground, military and commercial aerospace, and marine applications.

  • Suitable for application in harsh and explosive environments
  • No contact oxidation over periods of non-use
  • Size-reduced version of MAP/CAP 100 series contactors
  • Bidirectional switching
  • Main contacts not polarity sensitive
  • Panel mount
  • Not position sensitive: mounts in any orientation
  • Integrated, dual-coil electronic "cut-throat" economizer with suppression
  • Energy storage systems
  • Power distribution
  • High-current battery systems
  • Lithium-ion battery systems
  • Solar power

Kilovac CAP120 High-Voltage Contactors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContact Rating (Current)Switching VoltageContact FormAvailable QuantityView Details
RELAY CONTACTOR SPST 150A 28VCAP120ASANGRELAY CONTACTOR SPST 150A 28V150 A600VDC - MaxSPST-NO (DM) (1 Form X)10 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-09-02

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