Transformer Design Tool

Semi-Custom Transformer Design Tool for AC-DC Flyback Converter

TDK and Digi-Key have teamed up to offer a semi-custom transformer design and sample fulfillment program for AC-DC Flyback Converters. The design tool automatically calculates and recommends a high-quality transformer based on specifications input directly by the customer. The designed product is based on TDK’s ECO series transformer platform, which is optimized using TDK’s own ferrite materials, manufacturing know-how and an automatic wire-winding process for consistent product quality. Customers will receive a unique part number and drawing of their developed part, and can place a 5-piece custom sample order for evaluation through Digi-Key.

Applicable range of specification

  • Circuit system: Flyback (PWM or Quasi-resonant)
  • Input voltage: Wide input (AC90 V - AC264 V)
  • Output power : 5 - 40 W
  • Output voltage:5 - 50 V
  • Output current : 2 A total
  • Maximum number of outputs: 2
  • Operating frequency:30~140 kHz


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