Medical Power Solutions for
Healthcare Products

TDK-Lambda is one of the ​​​most established and trusted manufacturers of high quality medical power supply solutions.

Product Offering & Attributes:

• Products suitable for BF-rated equipment • Long life products
• Medical approvals as standard • Low cost of ownership
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AC-DC Power Supplies

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AC-DC Converters

Series Description Datasheet  
KM Series 15-40 W Medical AC-DC PCB-Mount Power Supplies KM Series Datasheet Link KM Series Product Page
KMS-A Series 15-60 W Medical AC-DC PCB-Mount Power Supplies KMS-A Series Datasheet Link XX Product Page
CSS65 Series 40-65 W, 2 x 4” AC-DC Medical Power Supplies CSS65 Series Datasheet Link CSS65 Series Product Page
ZMS100 Series 100 W, 2 x 4” AC-DC Power Supplies ZMS100 Series Datasheet Link ZMS100 Series Product Page
CSS150 Series 150 W, 3 x 5” AC-DC Medical Power Supplies CSS150 Series Datasheet Link CSS150 Series Product Page
NVM175 Series 3” x 5” 180 W Power Supplies NVM175 Series Datasheet Link NVM175 Series Product Page
CUS200M Series Single Output 200 to 250W Medical & ITE Power Supplies CUS200M Series Datasheet Link CUS200M Series Product Page
CSS280 Series 3 x 5” 280 W AC-DC Medical Power Supplies CSS280 Series Datasheet Link CSS280 Series Product Page
EFE300 M & 400 M 300W and 400W, High Density AC-DC, digital power solution EFE300 M & 400 M Datasheet Link EFE300 M & 400 M Product Page
CUS350M Series Single Output 350W/420W Medical & ITE Power Supplies CUS350M Series Datasheet Link CUS350M Series Product Page
CFE400M Series 300 W Convection / 400 W Fan Cooled Medical Power Supplies CFE400M Series Datasheet Link CFE400M Series Product Page
CSS500 Series 500 W AC-DC Medical or Industrial Power Supplies CSS500 Series Datasheet Link CSS500 Series Product Page
SWS1000-L Series 600-1000 W Single Output Low Profile Power Supplies SWS1000-L Series Datasheet Link SWS1000-L Series Product Page
HWS1500/ME Series Single Output Industrial Power Supplies HWS1500/ME Series Datasheet Link HWS1500/ME Series Product Page
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External / Desktop Power Supplies

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External/Desktop Power Supplies

Series Description Datasheet  
DTM165 Series 40-65 W Medical AC-DC External Power Supplies DTM165 Series Datasheet Link DTM165 Series Product Page
DTM65-C Series 40-65 W Medical AC-DC External Power Supplies DTM65-C Series Datasheet Link DTM65-C Series Product Page
DTM65-C8 Series 40W to 65W Medical Class II AC-DC External Power Supplies DTM65-C8 Series Datasheet Link DTM65-C8 Series Product Page
DTM110-C Series 90-110W Medical AC-DC External Power Supplies DTM110-C Series Datasheet Link DTM110-C Series Product Page
DTM300-D Series 300W Medical/ITE Class I and II External Power Supplies DTM300-D Series Datasheet Link DTM300-D Series Product Page
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DC-DC Converters

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DC-DC Converters

Series Description Datasheet  
PXC-M Series 3 W to 10 W Medical DC-DC Converters PXC-M3 Series Datasheet Link PXC-M6 Series Datasheet Link PXC-M10 Series Datasheet Link PXC-M Series Product Page
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EMC/EMI Filters

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EMC/EMI Filters

Series Description Datasheet  
RSEN Series Multipurpose Single-Phase Filter with Various Variations and Functions RSEN Series Datasheet Link RSEN Series Product Page
RSHN Series High-Attenuation Type Single-Phase Filter with Various Variations and Functions RSHN Series Datasheet Link RSHN Series Product Page