BMD-300 Series Modules for Bluetooth® 5 LE

Rigado offers its BMD-300 Series Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module for IoT and wearable applications

Image of Rigado's BMD-300 Bluetooth Low Energy ModuleRigado’s BMD-300 is a powerful, highly flexible, ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart module based on the nRF52832 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor. With an ARM® Cortex®-M4F CPU, embedded 2.4 GHz multi-protocol transceiver, and an integrated antenna, the BMD-300 provides a complete RF solution allowing faster time-to-market with reduced development costs. Providing full use of the nRF52832’s capabilities and peripherals, the BMD-300 can power the most demanding applications, all while simplifying designs and reducing BOM costs. With an internal DC-DC converter and intelligent power control the BMD-300 provides class-leading power efficiency, enabling ultra-power-sensitive applications. Carrying FCC, IC, and CE certifications and Bluetooth qualification, the BMD-300 is ready to implement right away for tomorrow’s most demanding IoT and wearable applications.

BMD-301-A-R is a variant of the BMD-300 that integrates a U.FL connector for use with an external antenna. BMD-350-A-R is an ultra-miniature module. It comes in a compact 6.4 x 8.65 x 1.5 mm package.

  • Complete Bluetooth 5.0 low energy and ANT solution for the most demanding applications
  • Powerful and ultra-efficient 64 MHz, 32-bit, ARM Cortex-M4F CPU with FPU and 512 kB Flash  and 64 kB RAM
  • Highly flexible GPIO and a rich digital and analog peripheral set that can interact without the CPU
  • Pre-loaded BMDware provides iBeacon and UART bridge functions
  • Encrypted over-the-air updates and direct test mode enabled
  • Bluetooth end product qualified, FCC and IC certified, CE compliant
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Wearables
  • App-cessories
  • iBeacons™ / proximity
  • Low-power sensor networks
  • Voice control remotes
  • Connected appliances
  • Lighting products
  • Fitness / sports
  • Smart toys
  • Home automation

BMD-300 Evaluation Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EVAL BLE 4.2 NORDIC NRF52832BMD-350-EVALEVAL BLE 4.2 NORDIC NRF528326 - ImmediateView Details
MOD BLE 4.2 NORDIC NRF52832 EVALBMD-300-EVALMOD BLE 4.2 NORDIC NRF52832 EVAL73 - ImmediateView Details
KIT BLE 4.2 NORDIC NRF52832 U.FLBMD-301-EVALKIT BLE 4.2 NORDIC NRF52832 U.FL25 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-02-18