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RECOM has authored two technical, but accessible books for engineers, designers, and students about AC/DC and DC/DC converters.

The function of any AC/DC or DC/DC converter module is to meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • To match the secondary load to the primary power supply
  • To provide isolation between primary and secondary circuits
  • To provide protection against the effects of faults, short circuit or over heating
  • To simplify compliance with safety, performance or EMC legislation


  • AC/DC Book of Knowledge
  • DC/DC Book of Knowledge

AC/DC Book of Knowledge

Published in 2018, this introductory book expounding upon AC/DC converters covers a wide range of industry relevant subjects including uses, applications, as well as in-depth information about AC/DC components. It consists of thirteen topical chapters:

Chapter 1: A Historical Introduction
Chapter 2:  Linear AC/DC Power Supplies
Chapter 3:  Apparent, Reactive and Active Power
Chapter 4:  AC Theory
Chapter 5:  Passive Components/Capacitors
Chapter 6:  Active Components
Chapter 7:  Power Factor Correction
Chapter 8:  AC/DC Converter Topologies
Chapter 9:  Transformerless AC Power supplies
Chapter 10: Wireless Power
Chapter 11: Feedback
Chapter 12: Low Standby Power Consumption Techniques
Chapter 13: Measuring AC

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DC/DC Book of Knowledge

RECOM’s first book, published in 2017, is an introductory guide to DC/DC converters including topologies, applications, filtering techniques, as well as typical DC/DC converter design. It includes ten chapters of industry-standard information:

Chapter 1:  Introduction
Chapter 2:  Feedback loops
Chapter 3:  Understanding Datasheet Parameters
Chapter 4:  DC/DC Converter Protection
Chapter 5:  Input and Output Filtering
Chapter 6:  Safety
Chapter 7:  Reliability
Chapter 8:  LED Characteristics
Chapter 9:  Applications
Chapter 10: Magnetics

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