Panasonic is a leading supplier of specialty Sensor technologies offering a wide array of Sensor types such as Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensors and Passive Infrared Sensors. Discover the benefits of designing in the latest Sensor technologies.


Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensor

Panasonic’s Grid-EYE® is an 8 x 8 (64) pixel infrared array sensor. This sensor offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values. The built-in lens includes a 60-degree viewing angle. The Grid-EYE features compact SMD design using MEMS thermopile technology.

Applications include: digital signage, security, lighting control, kiosk/ATM, medical imaging, automatic doors, thermal mapping, people counting, robotics, and more.

PIR Motion Sensor

Simplified circuitry with fully integrated sensor design. All lenses are available in 1uA, 2uA, 6uA (EKMB) & 170uA (EKMC) options.  No-Lead (Pb) eco-friendly sensors.

Pressure Sensors