OM23221ARD NTAG® I²C Plus Kit for Arduino® Pinout

NXP Semiconductors offers the NTAG I²C plus antenna board mounted on an adapter board with an Arduino-compatible header

Image of NXP Semiconductors' OM23221ARD NTAG I²C plus Kit for Arduino® PinoutNXP Semiconductors' NTAG I²C plus combines a passive NFC interface with a contact I²C interface. Designed to be the perfect enabler for NFC in home-automation and consumer applications, this connected NFC tag is the fastest, least expensive way to add tap-and-go connectivity to just about any electronic device. With the advent of expanded NFC capabilities in Apple’s iOS 11 mobile operating system, more third-party app developers and users than ever before can utilize NFC capable iOS devices for detection of NFC tags and reading messages that contain NDEF data.

The OM23221ARD NTAG I²C plus kit for Arduino pinout makes designing NFC into a MCU environment easier than ever. The kit is suitable for any boards featuring an Arduino-compatible header, including LPCXpresso™, Kinetis®, and i.MX boards. It is designed to emulate using an NTAG I²C plus tag chip in an embedded electronic system.

Features Applications
  • NTAG I2C plus antenna board mounted on an adapter board with an Arduino-compatible header 
    • Connectivity to any NXP MCU device with Arduino pinout like:
      • Kinetis (Freedom boards)
      • i.MX (UDOO Neo i.MX 6UL / i.MX 6ULL / i.MX 7D)
      • LPC (LPCXpresso MAX, V2 and V3 boards)
  • Software support 
    • Bluetooth pairing example based on NXP KW41Z
    • SW support includes NDEF message writing
    • Projects available on Explorer Kit moved to Kinetis platform (e.g. pass-through mechanism)
    • All examples available through the Kinetis Expert Tool
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Smooth and secure dynamic pairing with mobiles phones and tablets
  • Smart Home / IoT
    • Protocol agnostics and secure out-of-band commissioning for long range connectivity technologies 
    • In the box preconfiguration
  • Industrial
    • Collect data without expensive display
    • Zero power configuration and parameterization with mobile phones
    • Retrieve troubleshooting data with no power supply

OM23221ARD NTAG I²C Plus Kit for Arduino Pinout

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Published: 2017-08-09