mPm DIN Valve Connectors

Molex offers their mPm DIN valve connectors with IP67 sealing properties and cable retention

Image of Molex's mPm DIN Valve ConnectorsMolex's external-thread DIN valve connectors, with unsurpassed IP67 sealing properties and superior cable retention, increases performance, simplifies manufacturing processes, reduces inventory, and lowers applied costs for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromagnetic devices.

The Brad mPm range of DIN connectors is used extensively to provide electrical connection in a wide range of applications. The most common application for mPm DIN connectors is in conjunction with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electromagnetic devices, including solenoid valves. Other applications include pressure transducers, proximity switches, level sensors, limit switches, and low-energy motors.

Molex’s field-attachable, external-nut design is mechanically superior to traditional internal-nut DIN valve connectors, achieving greater cable retention and improved sealing to IP67. Standard internal thread DIN valve connectors are IP65 rated and available with different thread styles, gaskets, and circuitry options.

  • Commercial vehicles
    • Construction vehicles
    • Farm machinery
    • Forklift trucks
    • Garbage trucks
    • Mining machinery
    • On-vehicle crane and lifting equipment
  • Industrial automation
    • Complex machine builders
    • Hydraulic valves
    • Pneumatic valves
    • Pressure switches
    • Robotic systems
    • Solenoid valves
    • Transducers

mPm DIN Valve Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
CONN 192 PG07 BK H6 VALVE GASKET1210230438CONN 192 PG07 BK H6 VALVE GASKET131 - ImmediateView Details
CONN 192 PG07 BK H6 VALVE GASKET1210230438CONN 192 PG07 BK H6 VALVE GASKET131 - ImmediateView Details
TYPE B IND H12 BLK V0 BULK MNT1212020017TYPE B IND H12 BLK V0 BULK MNT588 - ImmediateView Details
TYPE B ISO BLK V0 NBR GKT BULK M1212030013TYPE B ISO BLK V0 NBR GKT BULK M889 - ImmediateView Details
TYPE A 2P BLK V0 NBR GASKET1212010044TYPE A 2P BLK V0 NBR GASKET911 - ImmediateView Details
CAB452N PUR 3G050X2000 NE1210360178CAB452N PUR 3G050X2000 NE0View Details
DIN/MMC-5P-24V-MM-ST-2M-PUR1210360256DIN/MMC-5P-24V-MM-ST-2M-PUR25 - ImmediateView Details
DIN 11MM AC BLK PUR 2M MIC1210360791DIN 11MM AC BLK PUR 2M MIC0View Details
IND-B/MMC-5P-MM-ST-2M-PUR1210360804IND-B/MMC-5P-MM-ST-2M-PUR0View Details
DIN 18MM AC BLK PUR 2M MIC1210360789DIN 18MM AC BLK PUR 2M MIC38 - ImmediateView Details
IND-B/MMC-5P-MM-ST-2M-PUR1210360805IND-B/MMC-5P-MM-ST-2M-PUR0View Details
DIN/MMC-5P-24V-MM-ST-2M-PUR1210360195DIN/MMC-5P-24V-MM-ST-2M-PUR0View Details
CAB452N PUR 3G050X2000 NE1210360799CAB452N PUR 3G050X2000 NE0View Details
DIN-C/MMC-5P-24V-2M PUR1210360794DIN-C/MMC-5P-24V-2M PUR0View Details
DIN 8MM DC BLK PUR 2M MIC1210360392DIN 8MM DC BLK PUR 2M MIC0View Details
Published: 2017-01-03

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