The Molex Mini-Fit® Family is designed for higher-current / higher-density applications which require design flexibility for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations. Mini-Fit products are ideal for power applications up to 13.0A per circuit.

The core attributes of the Mini-Fit family include: an operating temperature of -40 to +105°C, fully isolated terminals, positive housing locks, low-engagement forces and polarized housings and receptacles. Mini-Fit products are UL recognized and CSA approved. All components are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Mini-Fit Jr.™ Power Connectors

Mini-Fit Jr.™ Power ConnectorsThe Mini-Fit Jr. Series is designed for high current/high density applications that require the design flexibility of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations in the interconnection system. The Mini-Fit Jr. is appropriate for both power and signal applications as it can carry currents of up to 9.0A per circuit and has a 10mΩ contact resistance. The Mini-Fit product family accepts the same terminals and application tooling, further reducing your design and qualification effort.

Positive locks on housings Easy to operate thumb latch assure connectors are fully mated. Positive locking prevents accidental unmating.
Polarized mating geometry Ensures header and receptable cannot be mis-mated.
Isolated, scoop proof terminals and header pins Prevents damage during mating. Protects terminals and pins against potential damage during handling and shipping.
4 points of contact on Female Terminals Creates 4 gas tight points on contat and full and consistent engagement between the female box terminal and the male pin or contact.
Terminal Polarization Tabs Ensures the terminals can only be fully inserted into the plugs and receptacles. Reduces the risk of terminal back out.
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>Mini-Fit Jr.™ Power Connectors Dual Row Plugs (Free Hanging and Panel Mount) Buy 0460121241

Mini-Fit® Plus Connector Systems

Molex Mini-Fit Plus Connector SystemMini-Fit® Plus system offers a high-current, power-dense, mid-range power connection system. The Mini-Fit Plus system leverages the same housings, PCB footprint, and application tooling as Mini-Fit Jr.™ and Mini-Fit BMI systems.

With the launch of the Mini-Fit Plus high-conductive terminal, customers can increase power carrying capabilities while leveraging the extensive Mini-Fit Jr.™ product portfolio.

The Mini-Fit Plus system consists of crimp terminals, headers, and PCB receptacles; 13.0 A per circuit can be achieved using 16 AWG wire. Mini-Fit Plus terminals can be used with all existing Mini-Fit plug and receptacle housings. In addition, all standard Mini-Fit right-angle headers are inherently Mini-Fit Plus compatible, as they feature a solid-pin construction which is designed to handle high current.

Terminals rated to 13A per contact Provides an incrated power option for all Mini-Fit applications.
Terminals can be used in existing Mini-Fit Jr., BMI and TPA crimp receptacles and plugs Leverages numerous configurations available to support a multitude of design requirements and utilize application tooling widely available globally.
Contacts feature an elongated dimple design 4 gas tight points of contact. Provides longer wipe lengths and increased contact area over standard Mini-Fit terminals.
Fully isolated terminals Electrical and Mechanical protection of terminals.
A high cycle terminal option is available Allows up to 1500 mating cycles.

Rectangular Connectors - Contacts

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0460121241 CONN PIN HCS 18-20AWG GOLD Buy 0460121241
0460183541 CONN TERM SOCKET 16AWG GOLD Buy 0460183541
0460181541 CONN TERM SOCKET 18-20AWG GOLD Buy 0460181541
0460182541 CONN TERM SOCKET 22-24AWG GOLD Buy 0460182541

Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Male Pins

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0460151603 CONN HEADER 16POS DUAL Buy 0460151603
0460152003 CONN RECEPT 20POS DUAL Buy 0460152003
0460152206 CONN RECEPT 22POS DUAL Buy 460152206
0460152407 CONN RECEPT 24POS DUAL Buy 0460152407
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Mini-Fit® Blind Mate Interface Connectors

Molex Blind Mate Interface ConnectorsMini-Fit® BMI connectors allow misalignment and provide "float" of up to 2.54 mm (.100") between mating surfaces for easy blind-mate connections. Mini-Fit BMI connectors are available in a full range of options for every application. Molex offers blind mate products for vertical and right-angle configurations, in single and dual-row versions, and in 4- to 24-circuit sizes. In addition, Mini-Fit BMI connectors utilize standard Mini-Fit® female and male crimp terminals.

Mini-Fit® BMI panel-mount receptacles are designed to float or self-align. The headers and plugs feature flanges that help to "gather" the mating receptacle. Molex offers two styles of BMI receptacles including a traditional receptacle (Series 42474) and an updated version, Mini-Fit BMI Slide-and-Lock™, featuring a thumb latch to facilitate easy panel removal.

Blind mating interface Allows +/-1.27mm misalignment in the x and y axis in all configurations. Enables the operator to mate connectors in hard to reach areas.
Through hole, press fit and SMC manufacturing options Provides solutions for multiple manufacturing processes.
Compatible with Mini-Fit Plus terminal systems Suitable for systems thatrequre a high current load. 4 gas thigh points of contact. uses proven power interface with widely used aplication tooling.
Terminal Polarization Tabs Ensures the terminals can only be fully inserted into the plugs and receptacles. Reduces the risk of terminal back out.
Polarized mating geometry Ensures header and receptacle cannot be mis-mated.

Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Male Pins

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43810-0001 CONN HEADER 4POS R/A W/CLIP TIN Buy 43810-0001
15-24-6140 CONN HEADER 14POS 4.2MM R/A TIN Buy 15-24-6140
15-24-9164 CONN HEADER 16POS 4.2MM R/A TIN Buy 15-24-9164
44068-0004 CONN HEADER 10POS STR W/CLIP TIN Buy 44068-0004
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Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Receptacles, Female Sockets

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15-24-7141 CONN HEADER 14POS 4.2MM VERT TIN Buy 15-24-7141
15-24-7161 CONN HEADER 16POS 4.2MM VERT TIN Buy 15-24-7161
15-24-7063 CONN HEADER 6POS 4.2MM STR GOLD Buy 15-24-7063
15-24-7181 CONN HEADER 18POS 4.2MM VERT TIN Buy 15-24-7181
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Rectangular Connectors - Housings

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15-06-0045 CONN PLUG 4POS W/PANEL MNT EARS Buy 15-06-0045
15-06-0040 CONN RECEPT 4POS W/PANEL MOUNT Buy 15-06-0040
15-06-0141 CONN RECEPT 14POS W/PANEL MOUNT Buy 15-06-0141
15-06-0241 CONN RECEPT 24POS W/PANEL MOUNT Buy 15-06-0241
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Connector Kit

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76650-0158 KIT MINI-FIT BMI PLUG & RECEPT Buy 76650-0158

Mini-Fit® TPA Plugs and Receptacles

Mini-Fit TPA Plugs and ReceptaclesMini-Fit® TPA plugs and receptacles utilize a highly visible "TPA pin" that indicates when a terminal is fully seated in the housing and ensures that the terminal will not back out of the housing during mating or when in use. Mini-Fit TPA connectors feature a connector position assurance (CPA) key, ensuring that the male and female connectors cannot be accidentally disengaged. The Mini-Fit TPA product family accepts all standard Mini-Fit crimp terminals, further reducing design and qualification efforts. Mini-Fit TPA products are available in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations, with various circuit sizes ranging from 2- to 16-position accommodating 16 to 28 AWG.

Terminal Position Assurance Guarantees cript terminals are fully seated in their housing and prevents accidental terminal back out. Ideal for high vibration environments.
Connector Position Assurance Key Ensures no accidental disengagement of the mated connectors.
Polarized Mating Geometry Ensures header and receptable cannot be mis-mated.
Terminal Polarization Tabs Ensures the terminals can only be fully inserted into the plugs and receptacles. Reduces the risk of terminal back out.
Isolated terminals Electrical and Mechanical protection of terminals.


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15-97-9061 CONN KEY RETENT FOR MINI-FIT JR Buy 15-97-9061
15-97-9081 CONN KEY RETENT FOR MINI-FIT JR Buy 15-97-9081
15-97-7024 CONN HEADER 2POS 4.2MM STR GOLD Buy 15-97-7024
15-97-7082 CONN HEADER 8POS 4.2MM STR TIN Buy 15-97-7082
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