GV-32830-000 Quad Balanced Armature Driver

Knowles offers their GV-32830-000 4-way driver with four back vents

Image of Knowles GV-32830-000 Quad Balanced Armature DriverKnowles releases their GV-32830-000 quad balanced armature driver. It contains four drivers (speakers) with a 3-way crossover composed of HODVTEC woofer and TWFK mid-range/tweeter. It produces excellent bass response and dynamic range.

  • 4-way driver with rich bass
  • Four back vents with removable seals
    • (1 tape and 2 screws)
  • Premium bandwidth
  • High dynamic range / low distortion
  • Complete solution for high quality hi-fi systems
  • Pro audio monitors
  • High-performance music earphones
  • Hearing health and medical
  • Military and commercial headsets

GV-32830-000 Quad Balanced Armature Drive

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTechnologyTypeFrequency RangeAvailable QuantityView Details
SPEAKER 28.125OHM TOP PORTGV-32830-000SPEAKER 28.125OHM TOP PORTMagneticReceiver, Balanced Armature70Hz ~ 12.5kHz40 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2017-05-17