LRA Coin Vibration Motor

Vybronics' LRA coin vibration motor series is an excellent choice for devices requiring superior haptic feedback and low power consumption

Image of Vybronics' LRA Coin Vibration MotorVybronics' coin-sized linear resonant actuators (LRA) generate vibration/haptic feedback in the Z plane, perpendicular to the motor's surface. In wearable devices, the motor is typically mounted such that the face of the motor is parallel to the user's skin, which makes these devices ideal as the vibration energy will be directed toward the user's skin, not parallel to it. Other coin vibration motor types (BLDC ERM, brush ERM) generate a vibration force parallel to the coin's face and the user's skin.

For haptic feedback applications, fast rise and fall times are critical to achieving the optimal user experience. Rise times up to 10 times faster and fall times up to 2 times faster than standard coin type ERMs can be realized with a Vybronics LRA. Their simple internal construction offers high reliability and exceptionally long life when compared with brush ERM coin vibration motors. They make an excellent choice for devices with limited battery capacity; for example, Vybronics' VG0832012 draws 19 mA at 0.6 V while producing a vibration G force of 0.55 GRMS. As these devices must be driven with an AC signal at the device's resonant frequency, an LRA driver IC such as the TI DRV2605 is recommended. Poron foam pads of varying thicknesses, custom FPCs, and lead wire lengths are available.

Of particular note is the high-performance VG1040003D LRA coin vibration motor. It offers very fast rise/fall times of 10 ms / 50 ms and produces a sizeable 2.0 GRMS of vibration force when driven at 2.5 VRMS (170 Hz). This device is typically mounted directly to the inner walls of the device's housing. The VLV101040A is an advanced broadband LRA that may be driven from 140 Hz to 300 Hz and produces up to 2.75 GRMS of vibration force. The LRA's contact pads are designed to mate with PCB-mounted spring contacts.

  • Low power consumption
  • Vibration force in Z-axis
  • High reliability
  • Rated voltage: 1.2 VRMS to 2.5 VRMS
  • G force: 0.75 GRMS to 2.0 GRMS
  • Operating voltage: 0.1 VRMS to 2.5 VRMS
  • Resonant vibration frequency: 140 Hz to 300 Hz
  • Rated current: 60 mA to 170 mA
  • Typical rated: 5 mA to 145 mA
  • Smart-watches
  • Smart rings
  • Wearable devices

Z-Axis LRA Coin Vibration Motor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSize / DimensionTermination StyleOperating TemperatureAvailable QuantityView Details
VIBRATION LRA MOTOR LINEAR 0.9GVG0640001DVIBRATION LRA MOTOR LINEAR 0.9GRound - 0.236" Dia (6.00mm)Solder Tab-15°C ~ 55°C916 - ImmediateView Details
VIBRATION LRA MOTOR 235HZ 1.4GVG0832012VIBRATION LRA MOTOR 235HZ 1.4GRound - 0.315" Dia (8.00mm)Wire Leads-20°C ~ 60°C3551 - ImmediateView Details
VIBRATION LRA MOTOR 235HZ 1.4GVG0832013DVIBRATION LRA MOTOR 235HZ 1.4GRound - 0.315" Dia (8.00mm)Wire Leads-20°C ~ 70°C852 - ImmediateView Details
VIBRATION LRA MOTOR 235HZ 1.4GVG0832022DVIBRATION LRA MOTOR 235HZ 1.4GRound - 0.315" Dia (8.00mm)Wire Leads-20°C ~ 70°C0View Details
VIBRATION LRA MOTOR LINEAR 1.8GVG0840001DVIBRATION LRA MOTOR LINEAR 1.8GRound - 0.315" Dia (8.00mm)Solder Tab-15°C ~ 55°C0View Details
VIBRATION LRA MOTOR 170HZ 2GVG1040003DVIBRATION LRA MOTOR 170HZ 2GRound - 0.394" Dia (10.00mm)Solder Tab-25°C ~ 70°C0View Details
VIBRATION LRA WIDEBAND 2.75GVLV101040AVIBRATION LRA WIDEBAND 2.75GSquare - 0.394" x 0.394" (10.00mm x 10.00mm)Solder Tab-25°C ~ 70°C1475 - ImmediateView Details
Updated: 2019-10-03
Published: 2017-10-27