iSYS-50xx Series Radar Modules

InnoSenT's perimeter radar systems feature angle-measuring capability

Image of InnoSenT's iSYS-5010/5020 Radar ModulesInnoSenT's SYS-5010 and iSYS-5020 24 GHz radar systems are designed for area and perimeter surveillance. These devices are designed to be add-ons to existing video systems or standalone units. The 3D MIMO radar gathers data about speed, movement direction, distance, and the angle of static and moving objects. This enables the observation of safety-relevant events within a large coverage area. With a FOV of 150°, the 3D MIMO radar devices provide precise and reliable information simultaneously for multiple objects. The sensor is functional in bad weather and lighting conditions and is proven to be maintenance-free.

The fusion of CCTV and radar reduces false alarms and increases the efficiency of outdoor security monitoring. This product series is ideal in combination with other security technologies such as cameras. The combination can solve challenges regarding environmental conditions that camera manufacturers are facing. The systems operate in fog, darkness, and rough conditions with dust and reflections caused by sunlight.

The iSYS-50xx series includes two product variants which differ in their maximum detection range. The iSYS-5010 has a detection range of up to 54.9 meters and an angular resolution of 16° in azimuth. The iSYS-5020 can detect targets up to 150 meters and has an angular resolution of less than 12° in azimuth. The radar systems iSYS-5010/5020 enable customers to develop tracking algorithms and adapt the characteristics for its intended use

  • Sensitive motion detection
  • Precise information about x and y coordinates
  • Multi-target capability
  • Large detection area
  • Detects stationary objects
  • Velocity measurement
  • Direction detection
  • Distance measurement
  • Angle measurement
  • Presence detection
  • 24 GHz ISM-band
  • 3D MIMO radar
  • Target list over SPI (raw detections)
  • Certified/approved according to FCC Rule 15249 (5010), FCC Rule 15C (5020), RED RED, Article 3.2, and IC RSS-210 Issue 8 (5020)
  • Motion detectors
  • Speed controls
  • Radar-based object location
  • Intelligent and efficient device controls
  • Additional security information
  • Supportive technology and on-demand controls for security applications
  • Anonymous detection and monitoring
  • Reduction of false and missing alarms
  • Combination with video technology or sensor fusion
  • Area surveillance, perimeter security, outdoor security monitoring, large-scale outdoor areas, and security technology for industrial areas

iSYS-50xx Series Radar Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ISYS-5010 24GHZ RADAR MODULE80.00000199ISYS-5010 24GHZ RADAR MODULE4 - ImmediateView Details
ISYS-5020 RADAR MODULE80.00000361ISYS-5020 RADAR MODULE35 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-02-06