Infineon Service Robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Infineon Products for Service Robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Taking a closer look at emerging trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and cities, non-stop connectivity, human-machine interface (HMI), and wireless power showcases a future in which all sorts of robots will continue to gain traction to the point of being omnipresent in our private and professional lives.

What will make end-users benefit from increased convenience, sought for facilitation and efficiency, will make application designers and engineers face still unknown challenges.

This is where Infineon comes into play. The reason why we call ourselves a one-stop shop for robotics is that we are in the unique position to have a seemingly endless portfolio of everything that one may need for developing, prototyping, building, and testing robotics applications. Turn Infineon into your partner for up-coming robotics projects and we will assist you with the integration of reliable chargers, efficient power/battery management, compact motor control, and indispensable state-of-the-art sensors. On top of all that, we provide unrivalled hardware-based security solutions perfectly fulfilling any possible authentication and authorization requirement. And finally, the reduced effort required for the design-in will leave you with valuable time for developing algorithms to differentiate from competitors.

We are prepared to make your applications go-to-market ready, are you too?

Key benefits of partnering with Infineon:

  • Setting benchmarks with the industry's smallest form factors to minimize space requirements and support compact designs, resulting in maximized power density and BOM cost reduction due to lowest RDS(on)
  • Ready-to-use robotic hardware building blocks reduce development efforts and time-to-market
  • User of Industry 4.0, keeping pace with changing trends and broadest semiconductor portfolio make designers/engineers benefit from excellence in customer support and a one-stop-shop for all robotics projects
  • Flexible production tailored to customer specifications while upholding highest quality standards


System diagram: Service Robotics

System diagram: Service Robotics


Infineon's Recommended Products


Product Family Voltage class (VDS max) Package Part Number RDS(on),max. @VGS=10 V [mΩ]
CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET P7 600 DPAK IPD60R360P7S 360
CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET P7 600 SOT223 IPN60R600P7S 600
CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET P7 700 DPAK IPD70R360P7S 360
CoolSET™ 800 DSO-12 ICE5QR0680AG 800
StrongIRFET™ 40 V - 200 V 100 TO-220 IRFB4110PBF 4.5
StrongIRFET™ 40 V - 200 V 150 TO-247 IRFP4568 5.9
OptiMOS™ 40 V - 150 V 100 TO-220 IPP045N10N3 G 4.5
OptiMOS™ 40 V - 150 V 150 TO-220 IPP051N15N5 5.1
Gate driver ICs EiceDRIVER™: 2EDN8523, 2EDN8524

Battery Management

Product Family Voltage class (VDS max) Package Part Number RDS(on),max. @VGS=10 V [mΩ]
StrongIRFET™ 40 V - 75 V 30 DPAK IRLR8726 5.8
StrongIRFET™ 40 V - 75 V 40 TO-220 IRF1404Z 3.7
Gate driver ICs EiceDRIVER™: 1EDN7511, 1EDN7512
Gate driver ICs High voltage Gate drivers 200 V - 600 V: IRS2005S, IRS2007S, IRS2008S, IRS2011S
Microcontroller XMC1000 family XMC1100, XMC1302
Voltage regulators: LDO and DCDC switching regulators IFX1763, IFX54441, IFX90121, IFX30081

Motor Control

Product Family Voltage class (VDS max) Package Part Number RDS(on),max. @VGS=10 V [mΩ]
OptiMOS™ 20 V - 200 V 40 SuperSO8 BSC014N04LSI 1.45
OptiMOS™ 20 V - 200 V 40 SuperSO8 BSC022N04LS 2.2
OptiMOS™ 20 V - 200 V 60 SuperSO8 BSC027N06LS5 2.7
OptiMOS™ 20 V - 200 V 80 TOLL IPT012N08N5 1.2
StrongIRFET™ 20 V - 60 V 30 SO8 IRF9389 N 27, P 64
Gate Driver ICs High voltage Gate Drivers 200 V - 600 V: 6ED003L02-F2
Microcontroller XMC1000/4000 families XMC1300, XMC4400, XMC4500, XMC4800
iMOTION™ IRMCK099M, IMC101T-T038, IMC101T-Q048, IMC101T-F064

Sensors and Peripherals

Product Family Part Number
Hall Switches TLI4961-1M
Angle Sensor TLI5012B
3D Magnetic Sensor TLE493D-W2B6 A0
Interface Industrial CAN transceiver IFX1050, IFX1051
ISOFACE Industrial Interface ICs ISO1H81xG family, ISO1I81xT family
XENSIV Pressure Sensor DPS310, DPS422
24 GHz Trasceiver MMIC BGT24MTR12
XENSIV MEMS microphone IM69D130