Precision Cutters and Pliers with Ergonomic Handles

Ideal-tek’s precision cutters and pliers are made from high-quality ball bearing steel

Image of Ideal-tek’s Precision Cutters and Pliers with Ergonomic HandlesHigh precision cutters and pliers are manufactured at Ideal-tek ISO9001 factory in Switzerland from high-quality ball bearing steel. All cutters are available in three cutting blade edges. Semi-flush for soft and hard wire, flush for a precise cut of soft wire, and full-flush for a very precise cut of soft wire.

  • Handles
    • 2-component ESD-safe
    • Soft, comfortable grips: easy to pick up
    • Best in class ergonomics: minimizes repetitive work strain
    • Designed for use in controlled environments: no foam particulate
  • Material and hardness
    • High-quality ball bearing steel
    • 45 Rockwell Hardness (HRC) for pliers
    • 63 Rockwell Hardness (HRC) for cutters
  • Tool design
    • Flush tool head joint increases accessibility into tight spaces
    • Overall design increases visibility and accessibility in confined areas
    • Dual leaf stainless steel springs in standard tension or high tension
    • Hardened alloy steel lap joint screw for high strength, high cutting loads, and perfect joint adjustment
Published: 2018-12-17