Ratchet P-Clamp

HellermannTyton's ratchet P-clamp can be used for rugged bundle management in heavy-duty applications

Image of Hellerman Tyton's Rachet P ClampHeavy-equipment manufacturers are always looking to cut costs and streamline work flows but to adopt a new component it also needs to meet their needs for versatility, durability, and ease of use without compromising performance. The ratchet P-clamp from HellermannTyton is an innovative, wire bundling solution that more than meets all those requirements. Featuring an adjustable ratchet clamp mechanism and offered in four sizes with multiple mounting configurations, the ratchet P-clamp enables the user to reduce parts and inventory costs. It also cuts the installation time required for the wire harness, cable installation, and maintenance. Engineered for heavy-equipment manufacturing, it also solves wire bundling challenges in OEM, automotive, and solar installations.

Traditional P-clamps often twist when the user torques them down, stressing the bundle. They also can pinch wires when closing and it's difficult to adjust cables during installation.

Addressing those issues, ratchet P-clamp:

  • Allows for pre-installation on the harness and alignment in the final mounting position
  • Adjusts to close at the exact diameter wanted and the tension that is needed
  • Aligns wires as they are secured, centering the cable and reducing pinching
  • Can be closed manually or with an EVO series hand tool and tension tabs

Ratchet P Clamp Catalog

  • The UV stabilized nylon clamp is non-conductive and a good alternative to metal P-clamps
  • Makes each size adjustable to accommodate a range of cable sizes
  • Offers three lengths of mounting plates and 180°, 15°, 30°, and 90° angle orientations
  • Enables the user to stack ratchet P-clamps to create a solution for parallel-cable runs and offset applications
  • Adds a saddle to the top to give the user another fixing point
  • White goods
  • Agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturing
  • OEM applications
  • Wire harness designs
  • Solar panels

Rachet P Clamp

ImageManufacturer Part NumberAvailable QuantityView Details
151-01653151-01653651 - ImmediateView Details
151-01661151-01661702 - ImmediateView Details
151-01416151-014161179 - ImmediateView Details
151-01637151-01637791 - ImmediateView Details
151-01440151-01440213 - ImmediateView Details
151-01474151-01474610 - ImmediateView Details
151-01499151-01499193 - ImmediateView Details
151-01645151-016451426 - ImmediateView Details

Bigger Ratchet P Clamps

ImageManufacturer Part NumberAvailable QuantityView Details
151-03123151-031231345 - ImmediateView Details
151-03122151-03122887 - ImmediateView Details
151-03124151-03124825 - ImmediateView Details
151-03203151-03203650 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-07-05