Han-Eco® Monoblocks

HARTING offers its Han-Eco monoblocks for higher contact density applications

Image of HARTING's Han-Eco® Monoblock InsertsHARTING's Han-Eco series comprises robust connector housings made of glass-fiber reinforced high-performance plastics. The series has established itself on the market thanks to its ability to offer advantages such as weight savings and savings in time during assembly and installation. The monoblock inserts have been developed for use in the hoods and housings from the Han-Eco series. They have also managed to retain the proven Han-Eco "click and mate" snap-in function, i.e. the simple and completely tool-free mounting of the insert.

A special feature of the Han-Eco monoblocks is that they achieve up to 67% higher contact density compared to Han® standard screw inserts of the same size. The inserts feature a pre-leading PE contact (ground) and the possibility of a six-fold coding system. This results in contact numbers of 10+PE, 14+PE, 20+PE, and 28+PE for the respective four sizes. Moreover, it is also possible to combine a monoblock with modules from the Han-Modular® series in a housing from the Han-Eco series. Another possibility for use is in the Han-Modular docking frame. The contacts are based on the proven Han E contacts with screw termination. The monoblocks have a rated voltage of 500 V and a rated current of 16 A. The cable connection cross-section is 0.75 mm2 (AWG 18) minimum and 2.5 mm2 (AWG 14) maximum.

  • Han E screw termination with integrated wire protection
  • Suitable in hoods/housing of Han-Eco series and Han-Modular docking frame
  • High component density compared to Han E standard screw inserts (up to 65%)
  • Han-Eco click and mate assembly concept
  • Six-position coding device
  • Transportation
  • Automation
  • Machinery and robotics
  • Offshore applications, including offshore wind plants and other maritime applications
  • Stage automation

Han-Eco® Monoblock Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionStyleNumber of PositionsSizeAvailable QuantityView Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 1 06B GS10410000001HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 1 06B GSSide-Hood, Bottom-Base10+Ground6B0View Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 2 06B GG10410000002HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 2 06B GGTop-Hood, Bottom-Base10+Ground6B1 - ImmediateView Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 3 10B GS10410000003HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 3 10B GSSide-Hood, Bottom-Base14+Ground10B0View Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 4 10B GG10410000004HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 4 10B GGTop-Hood, Bottom-Base14+Ground10B7 - ImmediateView Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 5 16B GS10410000005HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 5 16B GSSide-Hood, Bottom-Base20+Ground16B0View Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 6 16B GG10410000006HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 6 16B GGTop-Hood, Bottom-Base20+Ground16B0View Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 7 24B GS10410000007HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 7 24B GSSide-Hood, Bottom-Base28+Ground24B6 - ImmediateView Details
HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 8 24B GG10410000008HAN-ECO MONOBLOCK KIT 8 24B GGTop-Hood, Bottom-Base28+Ground24B2 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-08-27