High-Frequency Mini Power Kit (For 67 Material)

Fair-Rite's HF Mini Power Kit is a great choice for high-frequency switching power supplies

Image of Fair-Rite's High Frequency Mini Power Kit (For 67 Material)Fair-Rite Products' HF Mini Power Kit (featuring their 67 material) contains various sizes of toroids and EQ/I cores allowing designers to quickly test the advantages that 67 material brings to their design. Optimized for power applications between 5 MHz and 25 MHz, 67 material is a great choice for high-frequency switching power supplies where low core loss and a stable temperature response are important for a successful product.


  • Low power loss up to 25 MHz to increase design efficiency and reduce package size
  • Excellent temperature stability to provide reliable design parameters over a very wide operating range
  • DC-to-DC switch mode power supplies (boost/buck), like those found in portable devices such as laptops
  • AC-to-DC switch mode power supplies (PFC), such as those found in consumer electronics
  • Isolation power supplies (flyback/inverter-transformer), such as those used in H-bridge drivers and sensor circuits

High-Frequency Mini Power Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionKit TypeQuantityMounting TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
HF MINI POWER KIT0199000044HF MINI POWER KITFerrite Cores - Cables and Wiring44 Pieces (10 Values - Mixed Quantities)Free Hanging9 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-06-20