Pmod Shield Adapter Board for Uno R3 Standard to Pmod

Digilent's Pmod shield adapter boards are perfect for makers and engineers to bridge systems to the physical world

Image of Digilent's Pmod Shield Adapter BoardWith the Digilent Pmod adapter, users can connect over 80 Digilent peripheral modules (Pmods) to the Arduino ecosystem. The wide range of Pmods augment the capabilities of system boards by adding sensors, actuators, communication, user input, and much more. The Pmod shield has five 2 x 6 Digilent Pmod connectors, one 2 x 4 I2C connector, and optional pull-up resistors for the I2C bus. The shield has the standard R3 footprint.

  • Five 2 x 6 Digilent Pmod connectors (UART, SPI, GPIO)
  • One additional 6-pin header connector for SPI
  • One I2C daisy chain connector

Pmod Shield

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Published: 2018-06-22