SMD LED SM0402 Series

Bivar's surface-mount 0402 packaged LED designed for nearly any lighting or indication application

Image of Bivar's SMD LED SM0402 SeriesBivar surface-mount 0402 package LED can be used in nearly any lighting or indication application. Its ultra-miniature packaging makes it ideal for smaller handheld devices, small back panel displays, and any other size-constrained applications. Low power consumption and excellent long-life reliability makes it excellent for battery-powered equipment and applications. Bivar offers a water clear LED lens for maximum luminous intensity. The SM0402 LED is packaged in standard tape-and-reels for pick-and-place assemblers.

  • Industry-standard 0402 package
  • RoHS compliant
  • Small package and footprint
  • Water clear lens
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Status indication
  • Displays
  • Backlighting

SM0402 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLens TransparencyMillicandela RatingLens SizeAvailable QuantityView Details
LED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDSM0402BWCLED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDClear100mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm2804 - ImmediateView Details
LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSM0402PGCLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDClear450mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm4416 - ImmediateView Details
LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSM0402GCLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDClear28.5mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm10067 - ImmediateView Details
LED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDSM0402YCLED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDClear145mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm2301 - ImmediateView Details
LED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDSM0402OCLED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDClear145mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm199 - ImmediateView Details
LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSM0402RCLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDClear90mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm4334 - ImmediateView Details
LED WHITE DIFFUSED 0402 SMDSM0402UWCLED WHITE DIFFUSED 0402 SMDDiffused600mcd0.50mm x 1.00mm12935 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2017-04-14