AVX Automotive Solutions

AVX is a worldwide leading supplier of passive components for the automotive industry.

AVX offers a wide range of components manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards of the automotive industry. Our products include ceramic, tantalum, and film capacitors, inductors, varistors, thermistors, filters, couplers, connectors, and timing devices.

Transportation trends and new technological advancements in the fields of safety, comfort, convenience, powertrain, and fuel efficiency drive the need for more advanced, reliable, and effective electronics systems.

With AVX's expanding portfolio of automotive products, and our focus on quality, reliability, research, and development, AVX is committed to supporting the automotive industry’s needs today and into the future.

Multiple Automotive Applications

  • Infotainment
  • Communication Bus
  • ECU
  • Powertrain
  • ADAS
  • Lighting
  • Safety
  • Sample Circuits
  • Body
  • Cabin


AVX ConnectorsConnectors Product Page


Developed to meet the temperature, shock and vibration requirements in critical automotive environments; AVX offers a broad range of standard and custom connectors. These connectors range from very complex under-the-hood mechatronic modules down to standardized discrete wire IDC, FPC/FFC, Secure Digital and fine pitch BTB connection systems.

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FFC, FPCFFC, FPC Product Page


Broad range product group that includes space-saving, easy-to-use Flip-top style connectors with a pitch range from 0.2 mm to 1.25 mm, slide ZIF, and low-cost LIF connectors.

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6288 Series

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Card EdgeCard Edge Product Page

Card Edge

Connector group that includes connectors for memory boards essential to PCs and printers, and industry-standard SO-DIMM and miniPCI connectors.

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6411 Series

Memory CardsMemory Product Page


Connector group that includes connectors for standard PCMCIA for PCs, CF complete with header, ejector, push-push type SD, and SIM connectors.

Ceramic CapacitorsCeramic Capacitors Product Page

Ceramic Capacitors

AVX produces a wide range of multilayer ceramic capacitors that meet or exceed the requirements of AEC-Q200. Surface mount MLCCs offered include Flexiterm, Flexisafe, high voltage, ESD-Safe™ for circuit protection, RF/Microwave, high temperature, arrays, temperature compensating and high-CV. Additional ceramic capacitors include radial and axial leaded with standard and high temperature profiles.


Ceramic Cap Catalog

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TantalumTantalum Product Page


Tantalum technology is currently capable to meet specifications of automotive industry for high temperature capacitors up to 250°C while respecting the requirements for high reliability. This helps AVX serve the wide range of automotive applications.


Tantalum Sample Kits

Niobium OxideNiobium Product Page


The Niobium Oxide based solid electrolytic capacitors well suit the automotive application where high reliability, long life and, high safety is of primary focus.

OxiCap® products offer extremely consistent and strong performance with high reliability down to 0.2%/1000 hrs at 85°C. Products are up to 125°C or 105°C category temperatures (ref series specification), environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant technology, and lead free terminations on SMD designs. They provide a safe non-burning high resistance failure mode, which is ideal for all such circuits where maximum 10 rated voltage capacitors are applicable. This series meets AEC-Q200 requirements.

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PolymersPolymers Product Page


AVX’s TCQ low ESR conductive polymer capacitors series delivers high endurance and performance stability to address the reliability requirements of automotive applications. In addition, the TCQ series has AEC-Q200 qualified components.

The TCQ Series meets the Automotive Electronics Council’s challenging 125°C lifetime stability test and humidity bias testing at 85°C / 85% relative humidity, loaded, for up to 1,000 hours.

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Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

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Storage Capacitor Properaties and Their Effect on Energy Harvester Performance | Tantalum and OxiCap® Niobium Oxide Capacitors Deliver Enhanced Reliability, Wide Temperature Range, and Low Leakage for Automotive Applications


Conductive Polymer Capacitors Guidelines

Circuit Protection Circuit Protection Product Page

Circuit Protection

AVX offers AEC-Q200 qualified multilayer varistors, ESD resistant MLCCs, NTC thermistors and stacked multilayer varistor/MLCC devices. These meet the rigorous circuit protection automotive electronics requirements. AVX qualifies components to AEC-Q200, IEC and customer-specific transient voltage suppression requirements


Transient Suppression Products | Advanced Ceramic Capacitors for Power Supply

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CrystalsCrystals Product Page


Kyocera Electronic Devices, distributes timing devices that are manufactured by Kyocera and Kyocera Crystal Devices. These automotive products are RoHS compliant and AEC-Q200 qualified.

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ST3215SB Crystal Resonators

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OscillatorsOscillators Product Page


The “K” Series has a frequency range of 1.5 to 80 MHz, is a CMOS output, and has a wide supply voltage of 1.6 to 3.63 V. The “K” Series has a low phase noise version option, as well as low current consumption.

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