EcoCable® Mini Cable

AlphaWire introduces the EcoCable Mini Cable: the smallest solution to your biggest cable problems

Image of Alpha Wire's EcoCable® Mini CableSmall just got mini. Introducing EcoCable Mini, AlphaWire’s completely recyclable high-performance cable, which is the  smallest and lightest to date. The latest addition to our EcoGen™ family of recyclable wire and cable, EcoCable Mini is small, but the performance advantages are big.

EcoCable® Mini Cable Brochure
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  • Insulation and jacket: MPPE
  • AWG sizes: 20 to 28
  • Conductor counts: 2 to 25 (only 19 for individually-shielded pairs)
    • Conductor and individually-shielded pair constructions
  • Shielding: unshielded, foil, ind/overall foil shielded pairs, SupraShield
  • Voltage: 300 V
  • Approvals:
    • UL AWM 21460
    • VW-1
    • CSA I A/B FT1
  • Up to 32% smaller and 44% lighter
  • Halogen free and fully recyclable (But NOT low smoke)
  • Lower outgassing than PVC (Up to 92% lower)
  • For communication, medical, semiconductor applications
  • Low specific gravity
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
  • Bend radius: 10X cable diameter
  • Available from stock in most sizes and constructions
  • Put-ups as small as 100’

EcoCable Mini

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ConductorsWire GaugeAvailable QuantityView Details
78012 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 26AWG SLATE 100'78012 SL005CABLE 2COND 26AWG SLATE 100'226 AWG30 - Immediate
78012 SL005 product page link
78022 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 24AWG SLATE 100'78022 SL005CABLE 2COND 24AWG SLATE 100'224 AWG30 - Immediate
78022 SL005 product page link
78152 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 4COND 28AWG SHLD 100'78152 SL005MULTI-PAIR 4COND 28AWG SHLD 100'4 (2 Pair Twisted)28 AWG76 - Immediate
78152 SL005 product page link
78004 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 28AWG SLATE 100'78004 SL005CABLE 4COND 28AWG SLATE 100'428 AWG41 - Immediate
78004 SL005 product page link
78114 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 26AWG SHLD 100'78114 SL005CABLE 4COND 26AWG SHLD 100'426 AWG40 - Immediate
78114 SL005 product page link
78006 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 6COND 28AWG SLATE 100'78006 SL005CABLE 6COND 28AWG SLATE 100'628 AWG32 - Immediate
2 - Factory Stock
78006 SL005 product page link
78162 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 4COND 26AWG SHLD 100'78162 SL005MULTI-PAIR 4COND 26AWG SHLD 100'4 (2 Pair Twisted)26 AWG105 - Immediate
2 - Factory Stock
78162 SL005 product page link
78014 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 26AWG SLATE 100'78014 SL005CABLE 4COND 26AWG SLATE 100'426 AWG113 - Immediate
78014 SL005 product page link
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Published: 2014-09-12