What Does Quality Mean to Digi-Key?

(Updated August 15, 2019)

Since 1972, Digi-Key Electronics has worked to become a distributing partner that is known for broad product selection and exemplary customer service. To achieve this, we are continuously challenged to improve all aspects of our business throughout our supply chain. Working hand in hand with our suppliers to keep up with the constantly changing customer demands allows for product to flow seamlessly through our channels from point of purchase to point of delivery.

Quality is a crucial parameter which differentiates Digi-Key from its competitors.

Our customers expect us to deliver quality products. Quality is critical to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty, so they continue to buy from us in the future. Quality products and service make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability.

Distributing a quality product or service requires the whole organization to be onboard and involved. A sincere focus on quality requires time, energy, and commitment; without it, we could lose sales and revenue.

Numerous types of costs are associated with external failures, and they go well beyond a company losing money because defects are visible to the customer. In other words, the manufacturer must not only repair and replace the product, but also deal with the loss of reputation, customer goodwill, and eventually market share.

Quality influences our company’s reputation. The growing importance of social media means that customers and prospects can easily share both favorable opinions and criticism of our product quality on forums, product review sites, and social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. A strong reputation for quality can be an important differentiator in markets that are very competitive.

Why is being authorized important? The connection between quality and authorized distribution

As much as we don’t want it to be true, the component market is often faced with conditions that open the door to the opportunity for disruptions in the traceability and authentication of components and other technologies.

Customers buying from authorized corporations can be confident that purchased products are of the highest quality, adhere to all government and industry standards and regulations, and that they will stand behind their product.

When using trusted sites to source the components for your designs, you can be sure the products received from Digi-Key are factory warranted, top-quality, and manufacturer authorized. We don't accept less – and you shouldn't either.

What does an ECIA membership mean to customers?

As a distributor, Digi-Key gains value from an ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association) membership through building market intelligence, gaining visibility to market shifts and trends, and connecting with other members who are dedicated to providing customers authentic products from the world’s leading component manufacturers.

Our customers gain value from ECIA through visibility to the authorization of distributors, the organization’s commitment to authenticity, and free access to the authorized part search (

Choose quality, choose authorized; and don’t let uncertainty jeopardize your designs and end products.

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