Supplier Success Stories with Digi-Key's Marketplace: Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.

In 2019, Digi-Key launched Marketplace to create a repository for engineers, technicians, and general consumers across all industries to find their electronics and technology product needs in one place.

Linear Integrated Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor products with the mission of enabling its customers to create the utmost quality of products using their components. Recently, the President of Linear Integrated Systems, Inc., Tim McCune, sat down to answer questions about how the Digi-Key Marketplace is helping them reach their goals.

How has the Digi-Key Marketplace helped you grow your business?

Digi-Key has provided a very effective, visible, easy-to-use venue for engineers looking for the right part to evaluate ours for their projects. Connecting engineers looking to create ultra-low-noise signal chains with our solutions is a challenge that Marketplace has met very well for us.

What growth have you seen since joining Marketplace?

Being on Marketplace has provided us with the biggest single boost in orders from new customers in our company’s 34-year history. We’re getting four to five times the number of companies/engineers evaluating our part for the designs, and we’re looking forward to more design wins and production orders.

Has DK provided any international sale opportunities? Or opening up markets/customers that did not exist before?

We’ve traditionally focused our sales and marketing efforts on specific industries such as high-end audio and test/measurement. In the rapidly evolving world of a trillion sensors and the IoT, there are many applications for our parts being discovered. New design partners we’d never have found otherwise are now connecting with us because of our being on Marketplace.

What was your experience working with the Marketplace team?

Engaging with the Marketplace team has been a great experience. We had dozens of questions and needed a fair amount of hand-holding, and the Digi-Key team has been there for us the whole way. They’re very easy to get ahold of, they’re very responsive and above all very patient.

What are the benefits of selling on Marketplace?

Marketplace is a great venue for meeting both the needs of customers and suppliers. By providing a full spectrum of components and documentation in an easily searchable format, customers can find the best part quickly and be sure there’s adequate inventory. Having a one-stop place to complete procurement of all items on a bill of materials is critical for buyers.

Making our parts visible and easy to find is highly important for us. Our performance parameters and large supplies of ready-to-ship inventories are clearly visible on Marketplace and give designers confidence they’re making the right choice when they select our parts.

What transaction conveniences exist for being a Marketplace supplier?

One of the reasons we decided to join Marketplace is the ease with which customers can find and purchase parts with the minimum number of clicks. Either as a single purchase or as part of a bill-of-materials, Marketplace enables the selection and purchase of components quickly and accurately. Getting these transactions done that way is a big help to us as well as the buyer.

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