SmartBond DA14586 BLE SoC

Bluetooth is a large part of our lives today, and it looks like it won’t be going away any time soon. Almost everyone I know uses a few Bluetooth products in their daily lives. My personal favorite Bluetooth device is my JBL Flip 3 speaker which I can listen to anywhere my phone goes.

Dialog Semiconductor's SmartBond DA14586 BLE SoC

I recently shot a video using the DA14586 SoC from Dialog Semiconductor. This is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that has some great development tools. There is an evaluation board, the DA14585 Development Kit Pro, which comes with a motherboard and daughter card. The included daughter card is the DA14585, but for the video we used the DA14586 daughter card.

The DA14586 comes with 2 Mb of Flash memory and 96 kB of RAM. The Internet of Things is a growing concept in today’s industry. Having enough storage space and RAM is a concern that is addressed by Dialog. From wearables to medical applications, this device can be a solution to the problem of connectivity. The unit has a built-in audio interface for applications that need voice control along with a four-channel, 10-bit ADC for analog interfaces.

Dialog has a great support website that has software and tools at the engineer’s disposal, including a free downloadable development environment, the Smart Snippet Studio. There is also a software development kit for the DA14856 on this website which can be accessed after creating an account at Dialog. In my video, I used some example code from the support site. There is also a schematic of the evaluation board that I used and application notes.

More information about this product can be found on EEWiki, and feel free to ask any questions in the TechForum.

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