Next Generation Monitoring and Connected Homes

The evolution of smart home systems brings next-generation monitoring and connected devices into the consumer market. Browsing through the Molex Connected Guide, these applications include new technology in appliances, thermostats, networked security, lighting, and wireless media devices that bring consumers safety, comfort, and convenience. Molex’s wide range of connectors and solutions help meet the challenges of connected home systems. From capacitive switches and LED displays to antennas and USB connectors, Molex can support a wide range of modern connected home applications.

If you look at Security and Surveillance in your home, you will find several Molex products within the units: Pico-EzMate, SlimStack, SD and Combo Memory Card Connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, USB, and Antennas. For home automation, such as lighting and outlets you’ll find many of the same products, along with other products including the ValuSeal connectors with IP65 ingress protection, perfect for outside lighting applications.

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Smart appliances in homes are becoming more and more popular including everything from lighting, TVs, coffee makers, washers/dryers, refrigerators, and even smart faucets.

Home streaming and entertainment are a must in today’s connected world. For me, Netflix is a must to help unwind after a busy, hectic day and these devices helped me stay connected with my son while he was playing College Football and traveling all over. If I couldn’t attend a game, all I had to do was connect my Smart TV (big screen) to the World Wide Web and watch a live stream of the game. On older TVs without Smart – I just hooked up Molex’s HMDI cable from my computer to the big screen and I was able to watch it that way.

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From an Energy and Utilities perspective, where do you see a connected home? For myself, it is my digital thermostat, my digital rain gauge weather station, or a water sensor in my sump pump to let me know if I ever have a failure in my pump. Our town hasn’t updated our utility meters yet on our house, so every month we have someone going door to door looking at electric meters. Imagine the efficiency when you can have the information instantaneously at your fingertips, and you don’t have the manual labor of someone walking into yards. This is not an easy task in the Northern States that get a lot of snow.

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So much to choose from, where do you go from here?

The Interactive Guide will show you all the things mentioned above and will help you navigate through all types of applications. If you are looking for a certain product, click on the application and that will bring you to a Product Highlight that talks in greater detail on the capabilities and specifications. If you need inventory, Digi-Key is always here to help with a large stocking portfolio of Molex products. If you have technical questions, drop us a note on our TechForum, and someone will be more than happy to help.

In conclusion, as we move into the Next Generation of Monitoring and Connected Homes you can rest assured everything is fine at home while you are taking that vacation to the beach. After all, it is only a click away.

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