Gear up for the 2019 School Year with Digi-Key

Digi-Key’s Back2School Giveaway is here to help you gear up for college by giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 awesome prizes:

1st PlaceDigi-Key InstaLab Pi-TopCEED, Digi-Key Swag Bag

2nd Place – Educational Kit, Digi-Key Swag Bag

3rd Place – Digi-Key Swag Bag

I talked to a couple of Digi-Key’s engineers to gain their insight on just how valuable the 1st place prize would be to an engineering student. See what they each had to say about the InstaLab below:

Matt Mielke graduated with his BS in Computer Engineering in 2016 and has been with Digi-Key ever since, supporting customers in reference designs.

How would a kit like this have helped you during school?

Several late nights in the lab would have turned into late nights in the comfort of my own apartment for sure. It also would have encouraged me to take on more technical and challenging projects both for my classes and personal amusement.

What items in this kit excite you the most?

Well, of course the o-scope! A tool like that is immensely helpful for testing and debugging circuits, serial busses, embedded systems, etc. It can be a real time saver. Also, the soldering station is a very nice one. It comes to temperature quickly and holds it well, avoiding a lot of potential frustration for those new to soldering.

Do you have any advice for new electrical engineering students?

Once during class, a professor admitted to us from his soapbox “we aren’t teaching you how to be engineers, we’re teaching you how to learn.” His point being that once we graduated, we wouldn’t know everything that an engineer needs to know, but rather just enough to get started. Engineering is a profession that requires life-long learning and curiosity. Read every day, embrace new technologies, challenge yourself with adventurous projects, and never stop learning!

Scott Raeker is an Electrical Engineer and has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

How would a kit like this have helped you during school?

“Since I had very little discretionary income when I was a student, having my own personal lab equipment was not an option. I was limited to working in the school lab when able to schedule time. Having my own equipment would have been a huge timesaver and allowed more ‘hands on’ time.”

What items in this kit excite you the most?

“The oscilloscope, bench supply and digital multimeter. These three basic tools can help you test or analyze most circuits.”

Do you have any advice for new electrical engineering students?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Spend as much time in the lab as you can.”

To win one of these prizes, all you must do is submit your registration details including: First Name, Last Name and School email address. (Yes, your school email must end with .edu) Good luck and have a great school year!

Click here to enter starting September 3rd:

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