DKRed PCB - Ordering and Review

By now, you’ve likely heard of the DKRed PCB ordering tool from Digi-Key, and if you haven’t, you have now, you’re welcome. This fantastic tool really brings the original PCB Builder tool to an achievable asset for all projects and price points. So, let’s get started!

First, open a web browser to, then find the PCB Builder under “Tools”, or go straight to and select “Click to Get Started”. Once on this page, verify the toggle button is on DKRed to ensure only the competitive pricing options are selected or available to select.

Next, upload the Gerber file and verify the file names match the intended layer. The information on the right will auto-populate, review to ensure accuracy.

All of the bare board options and specifications will be pre-selected for pricing, as mentioned earlier. Just enter the number of boards you’d like - four is the minimum. Then, select “Add to Cart”. Once you’ve done this, a pop-up with an ITAR legal agreement will appear. Carefully review the attached document and select “Agree”. Last, hit “Submit” to open your cart. Once you’re ready, you can “Checkout”.

After the short 10-day (or less!) turnaround, the boards should be at your doorstep. These boards may come at a low price point, but the quality does not lack. The crisp silkscreen, bright red soldermask, and beautiful traces with the gold-plated ENIG surface finish will have you seeking out DKRed every time.

Digi-Key has created this tool with care and consideration from feedback received by you, our customers. We hope you find it just as beneficial as we do!

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