Accelerating Grand Farm through World-Class Support

Grand Farm Research & Education Initiative; a venture once thought to be a dream is becoming reality. Grand Farm, powered by Emerging Prairie, aims to capitalize on our region of the Midwest’s potential in the agriculture and technology industries. The area’s natural resources, weather, educational system, and community allow Grand Farm to utilize this potential to develop technological and human solutions for farming in a new era.

In 2018, with a TEDxFargo talk by entrepreneur Barry Batcheller, the audience was challenged with this statement: “What is our region’s major?” What goals do we have to improve the lives of people in our region and worldwide? How are we going to put North Dakota on the map while utilizing the strengths of the community around us? Grand Farm saw that as an opportunity to solve the issues faced by humanity’s oldest entrepreneurial profession - the farmer.

The problems faced by farmers and growers are vast - a shrinking workforce, growing world population, and increased technology needs mean that they need solutions, and fast. As the world population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, how are we going to feed a global community that large?

Grand Farm is working to solve these core issues through advanced technological solutions. Unmanned aerial systems, autonomous ground vehicles, and precision agriculture are all parts of the solution.

A vital piece of the puzzle is Digi-Key Electronics, one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in the world. With millions of products in stock at any given moment, Digi-Key is on the frontline of delivering electronic products as quickly as possible. Their incredible support encourages the entrepreneurial spirit that Grand Farm fosters, and accelerates the innovation that will help solve the challenges faced by farmers across the globe.

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