Welcome to Scheme-it 3.0

Universal Sidebar

Introducing new ways to filter and find electrical components according to your design specifications.

Overhauled Sidebar

Scheme-it 3.0 features an integrated sidebar that comes with the Digi-Key Catalog, a library of electronic components grouped according to its functions. The catalog is merged with the rest of the sidebar menus to create a universal sidebar for all the components. Also, a quick-view feature of the product description and specification has been added to allow users to view components right from its category.

The newly improved sidebar also comes with an adjustable vertical split-view functionality perfect for multitasking. Users can now see the drop-down categories and the number of parts available for each subcategory.

Use filters to narrow down searches

Scheme-it 3.0 gives a more refined search process by providing additional search categories. Searching components for designs is made more efficient with the help of filters. Users can now choose specific parameters according to their design in a well-ordered manner.

Quick Preview of component’s Description and Specification

Properties Sidebar

The Properties Sidebar is an added feature of Scheme-it 3.0, designed for easier editing and customization of components.

Easier editing and customization of components

Previously, editing the component property is done through a dialogue box. With Scheme-it 3.0, a Properties Sidebar now appears on the right side of the Editor once a component is selected, It can be hidden to save more screen space for the Editor. Several other settings used for component modification that were once located in the toolbar can now be accessed on the comprehensive Properties Sidebar. The tabs will automatically switch to the appropriate properties panel (line, font, or part) depending on the type of selection made (component, wire, or label) by the user to accommodate the desired changes.

Open Dialog

The Design Starters and project files are now made available for easier access through the overhead Menu Bar. Once the Open button under the Main Toolbar is selected, a pop-up dialogue menu should appear for file browsing. Aside from user’s own projects, reference designs provided by manufacturers can also be accessed.

Guest users can only access the Design Starters, logged-in users on the other hand can access both the Design Starters and their own projects by simply switching tabs. This allows designers to maximize their time when searching their files or projects.

Catalog Assign

The BOM can now be conveniently updated through the automatic assignment of the Manufacturer and part numbers on the component.

Assigning details from a manufacturer has never been easier with Scheme-it 3.0. With a single click, the Catalog Assign can now be seen on the Properties Sidebar or on the right click menu.