Symbol Editor

Make your own symbols (and reuse them) with 'Symbol Editor'.

Because symbols made with 'Symbol Editor' are saved per-user, you need to log in.

Symbol_Editor_Build_a_symbol Symbol_Editor_Build_a_Symbol_2

Build a symbol

Draw your symbol with Line, Rectangle, Polyline, Circle, or Arc.


Add pins with PinLeft, PinRight, PinTop, PinBottom.


Select mode

To switch to select mode, click 'Select'. In select mode, you can move, resize objects.


Cut, Copy, Delete only available if an object is selected.


Preset symbols

Quickly draw a symbol with preset symbols: 1 Row, 2 Rows, 4 Rows.


Text and Images can be embedded to the symbol as well.


Pin Manager

Manage pins with the table to the left. You can change name, number, type and shape of any pins here.

It is advisable to not have duplicate pin numbers.

Symbol_Editor_demo_Pinlist Symbol_Editor_demo_Pinlist_edit

Symbol Manager


You can find your symbols quickly.

Symbol_Editor_NewOpenSaveSaveas Symbol_Editor_MySymbols

Put your custom symbols to schematic

To use your symbols, go to User Library --> My Custom Symbols, then click-to-place or drag-to-place as usual.

Symbol_Editor_User_Library_My_Custom_Symbols_hover Symbol_Editor_Custom_symbol_in_schematic