A revision is a read-only (cannot be overwritten) version of your project.

To create a revision, click Save as --> A new Revision.

Revision_01_Save_as_A_new_Revision Revision_02_Revision_name_blank Revision_03_Revision_name_not_blank

A count badge on top-right of 'Revisions' button helps you keep track of revisions of a project.

Revision_00_Revision_count==0 Revision_04_Revision_count==1

'Working version' is the project itself, working version can be overwritten by pressing Ctrl+S or clicking 'Save' button.

To list revisions of a project, click 'Revisions' button. This will open a dialog.


In 'Revisions' dialog, you can preview/rename/delete revisions.


Revisions in Homepage

Homepage lists revisions of a project, too.

Homepage_Revisions_collapsed Homepage_Revisions_expanded

Hover over a revision to preview it.