Placing Symbols in Your Project

Where to find the right symbols

Symbols are to be found in the Digi-Key sidebar, to the left of Scheme-it.

Let's see what inside the sections:

  • Digi-Key Catalog: part numbers categorized by Digi-Key.
  • Manufacturers: part numbers grouped by manufacturers.
  • Schematic Symbols: generic electronic symbols. You can find POWER and PORT symbols there.
  • Diagram Symbols: Arrows, Basic Shapes, Flow Chart, and UML Symbols.
  • System Blocks: Clocks, Data Acquisition, Embedded, Interface, Linear, Logic IC, Memory, Power, RF.
  • System Icons: some common system-level components.
  • Custom Symbols: let you draw custom symbol. (This is obsolete, use Symbol Editor instead.)
  • User Library: where your favorite symbols are saved. Symbols made with Symbol Editor will also be listed here.

Find a part number/symbol with search, the results will populate in the corresponding sections. The irrelevant sections to your search keyword will be hidden until you clear the search box.

How to place a symbol to the schematic

For symbols from Digi-Key Catalog, click on a part number to show a list of available symbols. Then click-to-place or drag-to-place the desired symbol.

If a part number does not have your expected symbol, build a symbol on your own with Symbol Editor.

For symbols in other sections, click-to-place or drag-to-place directly from search results.