Net gives an idea about connectivity in a circuit. Scheme-it can:

Highlight net automatically

Clicking a wire will select the whole net.

Net_3_res_3_GND_01_wired Net_3_res_3_GND_02_wired_hovered Net_3_res_3_GND_03_wired_clicked

If you want to select a single wire of a net, click the wire again after selecting the net. Or, hold Ctrl while clicking a wire.

Net_3_res_3_GND_04_wired_click_again Net_3_res_3_GND_05_wired_a_single_wire_selected

Show or hide net label

It's possible to show net label on the schematic. In cases where the net consists of many wires and they are scattered, the label will appear at center of all wires.

Net_Net_properties_tab_01 Net_Net_properties_tab_02_checkbox_checked Net_Net_properties_tab_03_label_shown

Warn about potentially unsafe connections

Certain kinds of wiring might be unsafe.


Make the wise choice.


Support changing color, line style and net name

Color, line style and net name can be changed.

Net_net_label_shown_blue Net_line_style Net_change_net_name

Color, line style of a single wire can be changed as well, if you really need to.

Net_net_label_shown_blue_red Net_net_label_shown_blue_red_dashed