Bill of Materials (BOM) Manager

Scheme-it BOM (Bill of Materials) keeps track of part attributes including: RefDes, Name, Value, Manufacturer, Part Number, Digi-Key Part Number, Description, and Notes.


Adding Parts to the BOM

Whenever a new schematic symbol is placed into a project, it automatically gets added to the BOM.

Editing Part Attributes

Edit the attributes in the BOM by clicking on a table cell. This changes the cell into an editable text area and allows you to input a value using your keyboard. Once you add or change a value, press the Enter key to complete the edit.

Sorting by Attribute

Change the sort order of the BOM table by clicking on an attribute in the table header.


Users may search in the BOM table to filter parts they need. All fields in the BOM are searchable. Searches in the BOM are case-insensitive.

Exporting BOM

You can export the BOM to a spreadsheet which can be used in Digi-Key's Enhanced BOM Manager ( This allows you to make further edits to your BOM and manage your components.

Import BOM

Scheme-it also allows you to import your BOM to your current project by selecting the "click to import" option under the "Import BOM" category of the left sidebar. On the Imported BOM, the symbol components loaded can be assigned, removed, or deleted.

Request Quote

Send a quote request to Digi-Key for the price and availability of your BOM by clicking on the "Quote" button under the BOM tab.

Order Parts

You can order parts in the BOM with "Order" button. Only parts with valid Digi-Key Part Number are eligible. For symbols having no part number, if you want to assign a part number for them, use Catalog Assign feature.