EVALPM8800A-HP: POE 3.3V @ 6A, 5V @ 4A


This document details the characteristics and performances of the PM8800 demonstration kit which has been designed to cover a broad range of power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. PM8800 is a highly integrated device embedding an IEEE802.3af compliant powered device (PD) interface together with a PWM controller and support for auxiliary sources.

Even though PM8800 can be configured to work in both isolated and non-isolated topologies, this application note focuses on an isolated topology only.

The PM8800 demonstration kit supports diode as well as synchronous rectification.

Auxiliary sources can be connected to the board on 2 input points. One input allows prevalence of the auxiliary sources with respect to the PoE, while the other input allows the usage of a wall adaptor with voltage lower than the internal PoE UVLO threshold and still benefits from the inherent inrush and DC current limit.


Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Category Power Management
Sub-Category POE - Power Over Ethernet
Eval Board Board not Stocked
Compliance IEEE 802.3af (802.3at Type 1)
Outputs and Type 1 Isolated
Voltage Out 5 V
Current Out 4 A
Voltage In 30 ~ 60 V
Efficiency @ Conditions >83%, 5V @ 1.5 ~ 4 A
Internal Switch No
Features Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed)
Power Good Output
Soft Start
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Switching Frequency 250 kHz
Component Count + Extras 86 + 18
Design Author STMicroelectronics
Application / Target Market Telecom
Main I.C. Base Part PM8800
Date Created By Author
Date Added To Library 2017-05