BI-UM-3-4 Drawing Datasheet by MPD (Memory Protection Devices)

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25.40 [1.00] —‘ 9.53 [0.37] J [:1 NOTES: MATERIAL: PET, 0.25mm (0.010") THICK, WHITE UL FILE #E93687 FLAMMABILITY RATING: VTMrZ ROHS 2 COMPL‘ANT Date SYM REVISION RECORD AUTH DR. CK. 11/19/05 A ADDED‘FOHSCOMPUANT“ TE 53 10/14/06 E ADDED UL FWLE No T B. B S. UPDATED TO ROMS 2 11/21/14 0 COMPUANT T B' B 5' Toleranc 6 (Except I: noted) MPD Memory Protection Devices, Inc 200 Broad Hollow Road, Farmingdnle, New York 11735 decimal Scale Drawn Ey B‘S‘ i5 (.020) Approved By T.B, Fractional Title :t 18 (030) BATTERY INSULATOR Angular Date Drawing Number i 3" 11/21/14 BI—UM—3—4

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