608802-1 Drawing Datasheet by TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection

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THIS DRAWING IS A CONTROLLED DOCUMENT, REVISIONS P LTR DESCRIPTION DATE WIN AWD 0 RELEASED I7—JAN—00 KW JS A REDRAWN PER Eco—17—oozsao 31AUGon7 EDA DR AT REVISED PER EcorTLOTsses OQJANZOIS RS DR A2 REVISED PER EC07187008037 24MAY20‘IE RS DR 1 ACCOMODATES CABLE TIES WITH TENSILE VALUE OF 133.44 NEWTONS [30 LBS] MAXIMUM. 2 AS SHOWN 7 PACKAGED TOO PER SEALED POLY BAG WITH LABEL TO CONTAIN AMP P/N DESCRIPTION,QUANTITY,DATE CODE, AND UL. RECOGNITION MARK, E E 1905 g [,75] A /VFA4Q4W >< i‘27h[ai67w="">< losh]="" ref‘="" typ.="" a="" i="" a="" i/="" b="" _="" 3.81="" a="" e="" t905="" i="" [‘15]="" §="" :3"="" [.75]="" o.7938[,03125]="" thk="" (ref)="" 2="" e="" rubber="" based="" adhesive="" backing="" 3="" i="" g="" 8="" 608802—t="" e="" ©="" part="" number="" dimensions:="" wn="" i77jan*2000="" material="" finish="" k.="" whitaker="" nylon,white="" —="" "‘m="" inches]="" chkj="" schlunz="" t7—jan—zouo="" ottsee’ii‘ie‘é‘sspuencteted:="" m5:="" schlunz="" wan—mo="" —_="" te="" te="" connectivity="" ltd.="" 0="" m="" t="" _="" mm="" m="" m="" ese="" :65‘="" m]="" e="" 4="" way="" cable="" tie="" mount="" 3="" m="" ,="" g="" '="" applwon="" 5m="" 2="" #4="" screw="" holes,="" w/adhesive="" 4="" plc="" 1="" ’="" size="" cage="" code="" drawing="" n0="" restricted="" t0="" angles="" i="" 0'="" 30'="" —="" @="" weight="" a4="" 00779="" c“:="" 608802="" 7="" 3="" customer="" drawing="" 5“”="" in="" “e”="" 1="" wi="" reva2="" ”59755="" (i/is)="">

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