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Small Red Step 1/1 PRODUCT ID: 858
Small Reduction Stepper Motor - 5VDC 32-
Step 1/16 Gearing
http://www.adafruit.com/products/858 10/5/2015
This is a great first stepper motor, good for small projects and experimenting with
steppers. This uni-polar motor has a built in mounting plate with two mounting
holes. There are only 32 step (11.25 degree) per revolution, and inside is a 1/16
reduction gear set. (Actually its 1/16.032 but for most purposes 1/16 is a good
enough approximation) What this means is that there are really 32*16.032 steps
per revolution = 513 steps! The shaft is flattened so its easy to attach stuff to it
with a set-screw. A perfect first stepper motor and works well with the Motor
Shield for Arduino.
The gearing has a few side effects which are important to note. First, you can turn
the stepper by hand but not as smoothly as an un-geared stepper. It also means
you shouldn't use interleaved or micro-stepping to control or it will take forever to
turn. Instead use single or double stepping. The torque is fairly high but its slower
than un-geared steppers - we maxed out at about 50 RPM by over-driving it a bit
with 9VDC. At 5V try to stick to under 25 RPM
To use with the Adafruit Motor Shield, connect red to ground (middle), orange and
pink to one motor port (say M1) and blue and yellow to the other motor port (say
M2). So in order, thats: orange - pink - red - blue - yellow. Then just use the
example code that comes with the Adafruit Motor Shield library and set the
constructor to Adafruit_StepperMotor *myMotor = AFMS.getStepper
) and the speed at 5 RPM by calling motor->setSpeed(5).
Otherwise, you can also wire it up with some transistors and use the Arduino
Stepper library
Tec m 610.2 f 15 — ’ ‘— 3 ‘3. :EEE— a; J: a (028 AH6I76 UL IOS‘IXS J51 XHP-SII) SXN-oDlI-P0,6
Technical Details
Unipolar stepper with 0.1" spaced 5-pin cable connector
513 steps per revolution
1/16.032 geared down reduction
5V DC suggested operation
Weight: 37 g.
Dimensions: 28mm diameter, 20mm tall not including 9mm shaft with 5mm diameter
9" / 23 cm long cable
Holding Torque: 150 gram-force*cm, 15 N*mm/ 2 oz-force*in
Shaft: 5mm diameter flattened
Approx 42 ohm DC impedence per winding
2. Pink ~— 4. Orange .— 5. Red '—

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