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Features and Benefits
Sealable design
Easy to integrate
Ultra-thin mounting profile
USB MicroModule for Rugged Mousing Applications
Both Mini Joystick and Finger Disk modules are dual click-button mousing devices
designed for integration into tight, cramped spaces. The MicroModule is plug-and-play,
utilizing standard mouse output. Several cabling options are available.
MicroModule USB Data Sheet
Human-Machine Interface Solutions for a Connected World
P/N: PDS-10010-B
User Control Options
The touch of a fingertip on the MicroModule delivers simultaneous 360º control of cursor
direction and speed. Choose from 2 actuators styles, either Mouse Button (round disk with a
divot for a fingertip), or a Mini Joystick (a compact stick).
Gray Finger Disk Option Black Finger Disk Option
Mini Joystick Option MicroModule Rear View
USB MicroModule for Rugged Mousing Applications
Device Characteristics
Keypad Options
Operating Temperature Performance
Cold Dry
Cold Humid
Hot Dry
Hot Humid
Storage Temperature Performance
Cold Dry
Hot Dry
Hot Humid
Thermal Shock
Finger Disk Lifetime Durability
Keypad Lifetime Durability
Drop Test
Mechanical Shock
Mechanical Vibration
Chemical Resistance
Black finger disk, gray finger disk, black mini joystick, black finger disk
15 grams or less
Functional before, during, and after exposure to the below conditions:
-25ºC <=5%RH for 96 hours
10ºC 95%RH for 96 hours
70ºC <=10%RH for 96 hours
70ºC 95%RH for 96 hours
Functional after 96 hours of exposure to the below conditions:
-40ºC <=5%RH
85ºC <=10%RH
85ºC 95%RH
Functional after 20 cycles of -40ºC to 85ºC with a 30 minute dwell time and
5 minute transitions
>3.5 million actuations with 500g at 4Hz
>1 million cycles with 500g at 4Hz
Dropped from 1 meter onto concrete on all six sides
Comparable to MIL-STD-202, 80G accelerated in 11msec
Comparable to MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition A
Keypad surface resistant to most common
cleaners and spills for 24 hours. These include: water, soap, bleach, alcohol,
ammonia NH4OH based window cleaner, acetic acid CH3COOH based
cleaner, cola, coffee with sugar and creamer. Robust MicroModule with
Fluorosilicone keypad is also resistant to a variety of oils, fuels, and solvents.
All materials UL grade 94 V-1 or better
MicroModule USB Data Sheet
INTERLINK O ELECTRONICS“... w an a 75mm FILLET ¢>< r2="" 29="" ox="" a="" 65="" 0="" 5x137="" kox="" r2="" 29="" 2xr1375="" pm="" out="" 4="" j2="" pin="" signal="" deitizgiftlion="" g="" 1="" vcc="" +5v="" 2="" 0+="" d”="" 3="" d-="" d'="" 4="" gnd="" ground="">
Connector Options
USB MicroModule for Rugged Mousing Applications
M ounting Recommendations
See the Integration Guide for more detailed mounting instructions.
For more information consult the Integration Guide found on our
website: http://www.interlinkelectronics.com/MicroModule.php
Application Information
Can be fitted into various assemblies to meet specific demands for user control locations.
MicroModule USB Data Sheet
The connector for the
MicroModule is a wire to
board header connector. The
header is a Molex #53261-0871
Header Wire and Cable Options
USB Type A, PN 14-00054
USB Type A with Strain
Relief, PN 14-00108
• 12” Wire Cable Harness, PN
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PS/2 MicroModule for Rugged Mousing Applications
Orderable Part Numbers
Hardware Development Kit, 54-00028
This Hardware Development Kit includes:
• MicroModule Demo (Black Finger
Disk) w with USB Cable (Qty. 1)
USB MicroModule with MiniJoystick
(Qty. 1)
Gray Finger Disk Keypad (Qty. 1)
12" Wire Cable Harness (Qty. 1)
USB Cable Assembly (Qty. 1)
USB Flash drive with product literature
(Qty. 1)
USB MicroModule with Black Finger
Disk, PN 54-00002
USB MicroModule with Gray Finger
Disk, PN 54-00023
USB MicroModule with MiniJoystick,
PN 54-00011
USB MicroModule with Black Finger
Disk (Flourosilicone), PN 54-00046
12" Wire Cable Harness, PN 14-16576
USB Cable Assembly, PN 14-00054
USB Cable Assembly with Strain
Relief, PN 14-00108
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MicroModule PS/2 Data Sheet

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