SCS 770734 Verification Tester

The SCS 770734 Verification Tester to perform periodic verification (once every 6-12 months) of the SCS 724 Plus Workstation Monitor.

SCS CTE701 Verification Tester

The SCS CTE701 Verification Tester to perform periodic verification (once every 6-12 months) of the SCS WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor.

SCS - 770069 - Power Relay

The SCS 770069 Power Relay provides process validation for your ESD Workstation when used in conjunction with the WS Aware Dual-Wire Constant Monitor.

Ionization in Electronics Production

A Desco Industries webinar on ionization in electronics production

Requirements for an ESD Workstation Selecting a Personnel Grounding Tester

A Desco Industries webinar on selecting a personnel grounding tester.

Understanding ESD Flooring

A Desco webinar on ESD flooring

How to Setup a Dual-Wire Workstation

An in-depth webinar on setting up a dual-wire workstation.

SCS - A Minute with Miranda - Static Management Program (SMP) Remote Monitoring

The Static Management Program software supports remote internet connection allowing ESD Coordinators and supervisors the ability to remotely monitor the real-time status of your ESD processes with notifications for alarms.

SCS - 770115 Mat Ground Cord Kit – Installation

Instructional video on the installation of the 770115 Mat Ground Cord Kit. This ground cord ensures proper grounding of a workstation mat. The low-profile dome head reduces inadvertent snagging or tripping that could disconnect the ground card.

SCS - Testing ESD Footwear

How to test ESD footwear when entering an ESD Protected Area (EPA).

WS Aware Workstation Overview

The WS Aware Monitor provides for continuous monitoring of an ESD Workstation setup.

A Minute with Miranda - Cleaning an ESD Worksurface Mat

How to properly clean an ESD Worksurface Mat.

A Minute with Miranda - ESD Packaging with Protektive Pak In-Plant Handler

How to store and ship your static sensitive assemblies within and outside of an ESD Protected Area using an In-Plant Handler

SCS - A Minute with Miranda - Testing an ESD Floor

A discussion on how to test the point-to-point resistance (Rtt) and the resistance-to-ground (Rtg) of a Conductive ESD Floor.

SCS - A Minute with Miranda - How to Wear a Wrist Strap

A how to on the proper way to wear a wrist strap

SCS - Minute with Miranda - ESD smocks

Discover why you need ESD Smocks

SCS - Minute with Miranda - When to replace your ESD bags

“A Minute with Miranda” is a new innovative SCS video series presenting real-life ESD problems, actual solutions and detailed walk-throughs.

SCS EM Eye - ESD Event Meter: Product Walkthrough

A Walk through of the basic features and functions of the SCS EM Eye - ESD Event Meter

SCS Film Printing

An evaluation of the printing on SCS static shielding bags

SCS 724 Workstation Monitor

An overview of the 724 SCS Workstation Monitor