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- Sanyo Denki America is your ultimate source for cutting-edge thermal management solutions. Since 1927, Sanyo Denki has been surpassing the ever-increasing cooling demands of customers all over the world by providing industry-leading reliability and performance. In the 21st century, Sanyo Denki continues to thrive in leading the industry with a commitment to total customer satisfaction and the success of our business partners.

High Static Pressure Fan, 9HV Type

Image of Sanyo Denki High Static Pressure Fan, 9HV Type

With the ever increasing demand for more cooling ability, the solution is to use Sanyo Denki’s high-velocity series of fans. These 9HV fans are available in 40 mm x 28 mm to 120 mm x 38 mm sizes. Learn More

Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT Type

Image of Sanyo Denki Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT Type

Sanyo Denki is the first fan company to release wide-temperature fans for electronics cooling with the 9GT series. These fans are able to operate down to -40°C, and up to +85°C. Learn More

Silent Fans, 9S Type

Image of Sanyo Denki Silent Fans, 9S Type

Reduce acoustics levels in your products with Sanyo Denki’s silent fans. These fans have modifications made to reduce motor switching, structural vibrations, and impeller fluid noise. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of Sanyo Denki Long Life Fans

Long Life Fans

With the longest L10 life rating in the industry, Sanyo Denki's long-life fans provide the best combination of high performance and durability. Learn More

Image of Sanyo Denki Waterproof Fans

Waterproof Fans

For applications that require moisture and dust protection, Sanyo Denki offers axial and centrifugal fans with IP54, IP55, and IP68 ratings in multiple sizes. Learn More

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Bracket-Mounted Centrifugal Fans

Sanyo Denki's San Ace C270 9B1TP and San Ace C270 9B1TS bracket-mounted centrifugal fans are available in two sizes with an air inlet integrated into the unit. Learn More

G-Force Resistant Fans

Sanyo Denki's 9GP fan series has design characteristics that allow them to operate up to 75G, where other fans would buckle under this load. Learn More

Counter Rotating Fans with High Airflow and High Static Pressure

Sanyo Denki's counter-rotating series fans provide industry-leading pressure performance that will overcome the densest chassis. Learn More

Thinner San Ace 120 Fans

Sanyo Denki's San Ace 120 fans feature low power consumption, high static pressure, low noise, and high energy efficiency. Learn More

San Ace B97 9BMC Type 97 mm x 33 mm Blower

SANYO DENKI's San Ace B97 9BMC type 97 mm × 33 mm blower enables external control of the rotational speed of the fan for use in a variety of applications. Learn More

San Ace 221W/225W Splash Proof Centrifugal Fans

Sanyo Denki's San Ace 221W and San Ace 225W splash proof centrifugal fans have an IP56 rated water and dust proof performance. Learn More

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PWM Fan Controller Publish Date: 2018-10-04

This presentation will discuss the options for fan speed control with regards to efficient fan operation.

Duration: 10 minutes
Designing for Optimized Fan Acoustics Publish Date: 2017-11-14

Explanations on how noise is generated in fans, as well as suggested ways to incorporate noise reduction techniques during the design of a chassis.

Duration: 10 minutes
Understanding System Curves and Operating Points Publish Date: 2017-08-10

Explaining system curves and operating points in a chassis and how to use them to optimize fan selection.

Duration: 10 minutes
Air Mover Selection Publish Date: 2017-01-20

This fan selection guide makes an attempt to lay out a logical approach to making the best choice on a cooling solution.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Sanyo Denki G Proof Fan with High G-Force Tolerance(75G) - SanAce GP Series On Display

Sanyo Denki showcases the new high G-Force Series San Ace 120GP 9GP and San Ace 172GP 9GP. These fans are designed for cooling CT (CAT) scanners and other devices or applications subject to high G-force or vibration.

Sanyo Denki IP56 Splash Proof & Dust Proof Centrifugal Fans On Display

It is suitable for the cooling or ventilation of air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, dust collectors, and outdoor-installed communications equipment and PV inverters.

SanAce 172CR Counter Rotating Fan

By added a second counter rotating fan it is possible to generate straighter more focused airflow such as in the SanAce 172 CR series

Counter Rotating Fans from Sanyo Denki

By added a second counter rotating fan it is possible to generate straighter more focused airflow

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