- Riedon For 45 years Riedon has been a vertically integrated, global leader in the design and manufacture of precision and power resistors. Utilizing the latest in wirewound, thin and thick film, and foil technologies, Riedon offers one of the broadest product ranges in the resistor industry.


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Ultra Low Ohm Current Sense Chip Resistor Publish Date: 2013-07-02

CSR resistors have a tight tolerance of 1% to ensure that all current sense readings are accurate even as the component heats up.

Low Profile, High Power Chip Publish Date: 2013-07-02

Riedon's SMTs save space and are PCB pad compatible and cost-effective solutions for battery powered applications.

Lower Cost TO-220 Style Thin Film Power Resistors Publish Date: 2013-07-12

Riedon's resistors have a small, thin profile and offer excellent performance, even in high frequency and high speed pulse applications.

Aluminum-Housed Power Wirewound Resistors Publish Date: 2013-07-15

Design of Riedon's wirewound resistors maximizes pulse handling capability and provides superior head conduction and resistance in harsh environments.

PF2270 Series Thick-Film Power Resistors Publish Date: 2013-11-04

Riedon offers high performance and a high power rating in a small, non-inductance, chassis-mount design.

High-Pulse Wirewound Resistors Publish Date: 2014-04-02

High-pulse wirewound resistors are cost-effective and have a small size, which make them useful in many specialized applications.

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Pulse Rated Wirewound Resistors Publish Date: 2011-02-01

Riedon's Pulse Rated Wirewound Resistors are designed to meet the specification for short pulses up to 10 mS and long pulse loads of up to 5 seconds.

Duration: 5 minutes
Power Resistor Heatsinks Publish Date: 2011-05-03

Heatsink considerations for Riedon power resistor products, the concepts and methods used to determine heat sink requirements.

Duration: 5 minutes
Wirewound Resistor Technology Publish Date: 2012-01-09

Wirewound resistors are often the best choice when accuracy, power, and reliability are critical in an applications.

Duration: 5 minutes
LED Lighting and Resistor Publish Date: 2013-08-13

Review LED operation and biasing requirements. The correct method of LED application considerations for selection are also discussed.

Duration: 10 minutes

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How to Make a Resistor

How to Make a Resistor

Resistors' Solution Company - Riedon Inc

Resistors are used in all types of manufacturing processes. Custom resistors, precision resistors, surface mount resistors, and high power resistors are only a few types that can be custom manufactured by Riedon. Check out this video to learn more.

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