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How to Choose the Right Cellular Technology for Your Application?
Connect with M1 Development Kits
About LTE CAT M1 and Use Cases
Set Up Cellular Service (Provision Your Device Part 2)
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5 minutes
Understanding LTE
LTE's main promise is higher data rates to support mobile browsing on cell phones as they became more of a media consumption device and less of an audio communications device
5 minutes
Understanding Cellular Certification
Because modems are end-device certified, using a certified modem and the development tools provided with them can make cellular easy
5 minutes
Getting Started with Cellular
A look at the product and reasons for choosing cellular based solutions.
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About NimbeLink

NimbeLink adds easy, robust cellular connectivity to your M2M devices without the cost, delay, and hassle of federal and carrier certifications. Skywire embedded cellular modems are compact, flexible, and pre-certified and are available with complete development kits and packaged cellular plans. Or let NimbeLink help speed your next wireless product to market with a range of technologies, design services, and manufacturing solutions.

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