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- LED Engin, an OSRAM brand based in California’s Silicon Valley, develops, manufactures, and sells advanced LED emitters, optics and light engines to create uncompromised lighting experiences for a wide range of entertainment, architectural, general lighting and specialty applications. LuxiGen™ multi-die emitter and secondary lens combinations reliably deliver industry-leading flux density, upwards of 5000 quality lumens to a target, in a wide spectrum of colors including whites, tunable whites, multi-color and UV LEDs in a unique patented compact ceramic package. The small size, yet remarkably powerful beam output and superior in-source color mixing, allows for a previously unobtainable freedom of design wherever high-flux density, directional light is required.

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LuxiGen™ Violet LED Emitter Series

LED Engin's LuxiGen™ LZ1-00UAP5 395 nm power LED emitter provides exceptionally high radiant power density from a compact 4.4 mm x 4.4 mm footprint. Learn More

LuxiGen™ Gallery White Emitters

LED Engin offers LuxiGen™ gallery white emitters in a range of package sizes for different power ratings from 10 W to 80 W, delivering between 500 and 3450 lumens output at 1000 mA. Learn More

LuxiGen™ LZ4 RGBW Emitter

LED Engin introduces their new compact but powerful 40 W LuxiGen™ LZ4 multi-color high-current RGBW emitter. Learn More

LuxiGen™ LZ4 RGBW Flat-Lens Emitters

LED Engin's compact LuxiGen™ LZ4 emitters with flat glass windows are optimized to be used with secondary-optics such as zoom lenses and imaging optics. Learn More

LuxiGen™ LZ1 UV 365 nm Gen2 Emitter

LED Engin's LuxiGen™ LZ1 UV 365 nm Gen2 emitter delivers up to 1400 mW flux output at 4.2 W power from a compact 4.4 mm x 4.4 mm footprint. Learn More

LuxiGen™ Infrared Dual-Junction Emitters

LED Engin's LuxiGen™ infrared dual-junction emitter family consists of infrared 850 nm and 940 nm in single- and 4-die packages, the world's most powerful IR emitters. Learn More

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