- NOVACAP, is an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of specialty multilayer capacitor products. Specialties include capacitor arrays, radial leaded capacitors, pulsed power capacitors for detonation circuitry, oil exploration circuitry, photo flash, laser, power interruption, and power storage modules. In addition, certified safety types X2 and Y3/Y2, ring detect capacitors for Telecom. High temperature including X8R for harsh environments such as oil exploration and automotive/avionics engine compartment circuitry are offered.

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COG and Class II Chip Capacitors

Knowles NOVACAP's COG and Class II chip capacitors designed and tested to operate from -55°C to 200°C. Applications include harsh environments such as oil exploration, automotive, and avionics engine compartment circuitry. Learn More

Gold Flash Terminated Capacitor Series

To help eliminate this problem of tin ‘whiskering’ NOVACAP has developed a gold flash termination for conductive epoxy or gold/indium solder attachment. Learn More

Y3 Safety Capacitor Certified - LS Series

Knowles NOVACAP's MLC chip capacitors, sizes LS 1808, LS 1812, X2, Y3 Class compliant specifically designed for use in modem, facsimile, telephone, and other electronic equipment where lightning or overvoltage surges can occur. Learn More

RF Class II Series Capacitors

Knowles NOVACAP's RF Class II series capacitors are designed for rugged environments in high power broadband coupling and switching power supplies. Learn More

Y2 Safety Capacitor Certified - ES Series

Knowles NOVACAP's MLC chip capacitors, sizes ES2211, ES2215, and ES2225, Y2 Class compliant. Learn More

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