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Jabil PETG filaments are proven on multiple 3D-printer platforms for consistent printability. They feature easy processing for printing jobs requiring solid strength and stiffness with good balance.

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Jabil’s Latest Material: TPE-SEBS

Jabil’s TPE-SEBS filaments deliver a rubber-like feel with consistent outcomes and high performance. Properties include excellent compression set, low moisture uptake, high elongation, and ductility.

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Jabil Digital Manufacturing

Let’s team up to get your items produced with the expertise and quality of a major manufacturer. Jabil is a leader in manufacturing for a range of industries including retail, aerospace, healthcare and digital technology.

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About Jabil

Jabil Engineered Materials significantly extend the applications for additive manufacturing by delivering innovative materials with unique properties such as increased strength, flame retardancy, conductivity and lubrication. Jabil materials are proven on a wide variety of 3D printer platforms to ensure consistent printability and are qualified in ISO-certified facilities to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of highly regulated industries such as healthcare and aerospace. Using Jabil engineered materials, manufacturers are able to take advantage of new opportunities and move beyond prototypes to production-grade performance.

Jabil, Inc. is comprised of over 200,000 people strategically located around the world to deliver comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services. Jabil prides itself on its people, being their greatest strength, and the differences they each bring to the business. This diversity fosters the innovation, idea advancement and allowing new perspectives to benefit customers and drive Jabil to be the most technologically advanced and trusted manufacturing solutions provider.

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