Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Selection Techniques

Voltage Controlled Oscillator Selection Techniques

Crystek Corporation

This presentation will provide an overview of the key features and benefits of VCOs, as well as discuss the elements to consider when selecting a VCO.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequency - CenterVoltage - SupplyAvailable QuantityView Details
VCO 130MHZ 0-5V 7.62MM X 7.62MMCVCO33CL-0110-0150VCO 130MHZ 0-5V 7.62MM X 7.62MM130MHz3V0View Details
VCO 162.5MHZ 0.5-6V 7.62X7.62MMCVCO33CL-0125-0200VCO 162.5MHZ 0.5-6V 7.62X7.62MM162.5MHz5V27 - ImmediateView Details
VCO 205MHZ 1-4V 7.62MM X 7.62MMCVCO33CL-0204-0206VCO 205MHZ 1-4V 7.62MM X 7.62MM205MHz5V0View Details
VCO 400MHZ 0.5-4.5V 7.62X7.62MMCVCO33CL-0390-0410VCO 400MHZ 0.5-4.5V 7.62X7.62MM400MHz5V0View Details
VCO 425MHZ 0.5-4.5V 7.62X7.62MMCVCO33CL-0415-0435VCO 425MHZ 0.5-4.5V 7.62X7.62MM425MHz5V0View Details
VCO 452.5MHZ 0-5V 7.62MMX7.62MMCVCO33CL-0435-0470VCO 452.5MHZ 0-5V 7.62MMX7.62MM452.5MHz5V0View Details
VCO 560MHZ 0.5-4.5V 7.62X7.62MMCVCO33CL-0559-0561VCO 560MHZ 0.5-4.5V 7.62X7.62MM560MHz5V0View Details
VCO 760MHZ 0.5-2.5V 7.62X7.62MMCVCO33CL-0750-0770VCO 760MHZ 0.5-2.5V 7.62X7.62MM760MHz2.7V0View Details
VCO 820MHZ 0-10V 7.62MMX7.62MMCVCO33CL-0770-0870VCO 820MHZ 0-10V 7.62MMX7.62MM820MHz5V0View Details
VCO 120MHZ 0-5V 12.7MMX10.16MMCVCO45CL-0100-0140VCO 120MHZ 0-5V 12.7MMX10.16MM120MHz3V22 - ImmediateView Details
VCO 405MHZ 0-5V 12.7MMX10.16MMCVCO45CL-0350-0460VCO 405MHZ 0-5V 12.7MMX10.16MM405MHz3V21 - ImmediateView Details
VCO 431MHZ 0.5-2.7V 12.7X10.16MMCVCO45CL-0421-0441VCO 431MHZ 0.5-2.7V 12.7X10.16MM431MHz3V0View Details
VCO 810MHZ 0.5-4.5V 12.7X10.16MMCVCO45CL-0795-0825VCO 810MHZ 0.5-4.5V 12.7X10.16MM810MHz5V0View Details
VCO 920MHZ 0.5-4.5V 12.7X10.16MMCVCO45CL-0900-0940VCO 920MHZ 0.5-4.5V 12.7X10.16MM920MHz5V0View Details
VCO 600MHZ 0-12V 12.7X12.7MMCVCO55BE-0400-0800VCO 600MHZ 0-12V 12.7X12.7MM600MHz5V0View Details
VCO 640MHZ 1-8V 12.7MMX12.7MMCVCO55BE-0510-0770VCO 640MHZ 1-8V 12.7MMX12.7MM640MHz9V0View Details
VCO 1200MHZ 0.5-19V 12.7X12.7MMCVCO55BE-0800-1600VCO 1200MHZ 0.5-19V 12.7X12.7MM1200MHz11.5V86 - ImmediateView Details
VCO 1600MHZ 1-20V 12.7X12.7MMCVCO55BE-1100-2100VCO 1600MHZ 1-20V 12.7X12.7MM1600MHz10V0View Details
VCO 1750MHZ 0.5-20V 12.7X12.7MMCVCO55BE-1200-2300VCO 1750MHZ 0.5-20V 12.7X12.7MM1750MHz5V4 - ImmediateView Details
VCO 1512MHZ 0.3-4.7V 12.7X12.7MMCVCO55BE-1400-1624VCO 1512MHZ 0.3-4.7V 12.7X12.7MM1512MHz5V265 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2013-03-13