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Alps AlpineAPEM Inc.BulginC&KCarling TechnologiesCIT Relay and SwitchCUI DevicesCW IndustriesE-SwitchEAOGrayhill Inc.Knitter-Switch
-BagBoxBulkCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Tape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyObsolete
Contact Timing
-Non-Shorting (BBM)Not SpecifiedShorting (MBB)
Switch Function
-Mom-Off-MomMom-On-MomOff-MomOn-MomOn-OffOn-Off-OnOn-Off-On/On-On-OnOn-On (Line Voltage Selector)On-OnOn-On-MomOn-On-OnOn-On-On-OnOn-On-On-On-On
Current Rating (Amps)
1mA (DC)10mA (DC)25mA (DC)30mA (DC)50mA (AC/DC)50mA (DC)100mA (AC/DC)100mA (DC)200mA (AC/DC)200mA (DC)250mA (AC)250mA (AC), 150mA (DC)
Voltage Rating - AC
20 V24 V28 V30 V48 V60 V115 V120 V125 V250 V
Voltage Rating - DC
4 V5 V6 V10 V12 V14 V15 V20 V24 V28 V30 V48 V50 V60 V
Actuator Type
-BatonFlushIlluminatedPlunger for CapPush-PullRecessedRocker KnobScrewdriver SlotSnap on CapStandard
Actuator Length
Contact Material
-Beryllium CopperBrassBronzeCopper AlloyCopperGold (Au)NickelPhosphor BronzePhosphor CopperSilver (Ag)Silver Alloy
Contact Finish
-Gold over NickelGoldSilver NickelSilver
Mounting Type
-Panel MountPanel Mount, Right AnglePanel Mount, Right Angle, VerticalPanel Mount, Snap-InSurface MountSurface Mount, Right AngleThrough HoleThrough Hole, Right AngleThrough Hole, Right Angle, Vertical
Termination Style
-Gull WingJ LeadPC PinPress-FitQuick Connect - 0.062" (1.5mm)Quick Connect - 0.110" (2.8mm)Quick Connect - 0.187" (4.7mm)Quick Connect - 0.250" (6.3mm)SMD (SMT) TabScrew TerminalSolder HookSolder LugSolder Turret
5.5V-12V Marking, Red Actuator115V-230V Marking115V-230V Marking, Epoxy Sealed Terminals120V-240V Marking220V-240V Marking-Black Actuator and HousingBlack ActuatorBlack Actuator, Epoxy Sealed TerminalsBlue ActuatorBoard GuideBrown Actuator
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 80°C-40°C ~ 85°C-30°C ~ 105°C-30°C ~ 55°C-30°C ~ 65°C-30°C ~ 70°C-30°C ~ 80°C-30°C ~ 85°C-25°C ~ 70°C-25°C ~ 85°C-20°C ~ 105°C-20°C ~ 60°C
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